Expansion vs penetration

Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by 500to22nut, Dec 27, 2012.

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    Hey y'all as an airgun hunter my main focus is get close and kill em in there tracks. An air gun does not produce any hydrostatic shock so it works similar to the way a bow kills.
    My squirrel gun is a 177.cal (17.cal) air rifle that shoots lead at 1000-1100 fps producing 17ftlbs but it shoots lead free alloy pellets at 1200 fps and with the right load I can get 20ftlbs but with the alloy pellets they hardly expand at all but they get great penetration so the question is what would be more effective on a raccoon like animal the little penetration but huge explosive expansion and energy transfer or the fast shooting a little more then half the weight great penetrating pellet...thanks
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    Expansion is negligible in an airgun. You want penetration.