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A proposal to restrict gunfire in Marion County is alive -- though barely -- after a vote Tuesday night.

Also included in the story:
For the second time, public testimony drew a crowd of more than 100 opponents and not a single person in favor of the proposal.
My rundown on this meeting as I was not there for the first one.
I declined to speak as I followed some very well spoken gentlemen who said all I could but much better. Scott (committee member) voiced the question again as to raise hands in opposition to this prop. Everyone ! Also a call for hands in support. Zero Zip Nada !
Nobody showed. The girl didn't show. The old man didn't show. The townspeople didn't show. NOBODY SHOWED!

Mansfield got spanked again. Borst called to strike and it tied.
I understand it now goes to the full council without recommendation.

As mentioned before there are no numbers to show need for this.
The DNR CLEO spoke to the affect of no incidents in Marion Co in the last 10 years. Also gave numbers of deer harvested as well as a number of car/deer accidents. Concern for a deer herd impact in Marion co was also spoken of. All of this and within the 2 minutes allotted to everyone who spoke.

I think a revision to the states pre-emption could fix some of this.

Other stories related to this can be found here:

Other thoughts on this prop is to allow it to pass in order to generate enough support for state pre-emption reform. Remove the grandfather date and include every state agency and entity.
Can we say go Utah colleges and reclaim the state house?

Please follow with updates and facts from Indiana local sources.
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