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    So, doing some research on water puirifiers (specifically the Berkey filters) and I thought of something. I was watching a show (I believe Man VS Wild) where the guy used a snake skin to hold his pee, and later to drink it. Now that can't have been a pleasant experience but it got me thinking. If you could drink it straight up, why couldn't you filter it first?

    So with something like a Berkey, if there was absolutely no other source of water, in a pinch would that work to clean it up and make it a bit more palatable?
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    I dont know about palatable, but I am sure the fter.wod take out alot of stuff and some form of liquid would come out... Dont know if it would be close enough to being water to matter though

  3. c3shooter

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    Problem with drinking urine (besides the emotional aversion, smell and taste) is that it is a waste product. Besides water, it is loaded with uric acid and salt- WHICH YOUR BODY IS TRYING TO GET RID OF.

    A filter removes solid things. It does not remove dissolved things. The only "filter" that I know of that will do that is a reverse osmosis unit- and THEY are water hogs. You could distill it- and when in country where water could be a problem, I keep a length of plastic tubing and a sheet of poly in my pack- solar still is easy to make.

    Under EXTREME circumstances, you may be able to STRETCH available potable water by cutting it with urine, but it is a similar effect to breathing in and out of a plastic bag. Running that air through a filter will not replace oxygen that was consumed from the air.
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    a filter that contains charcoal will remove certain dissolved things. So will some regular filters when you get to the .1 and .2 micron size. An R/O filter is just a regular filter with VERY small holes for the water to pass thru(actually seep thru). That said I will plan ahead so I will not be drinking urine. I will save mine for you if you want it.
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    It's not THAT bad. It greatly reduces the amount of water you lose (though sweat still takes a lot) AND it whitens your teeth. Win win, right?
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    ploofy do I understand that you have tried this? I'm so sorry dude, that has to suck. personally I don't think I would pull a Behr Grills unless I just didn't have a choice. as far as being a waste product, I'm sure it will wet you throat which will at least offer some relief.