Excessive headspacing?

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    I recently purchased a Romanian MK99 from Wise Lite arms. I took it out the other day and had a very unpleasant experience. The first round I shot the case got stuck in the chamber. I had to take the gun apart to get it out. the case had a giant buldge at the base and the primer had a weak indent. Next shot... Click... No boom. Being a dumbass I tried again until I finally got a shot off. This time it extracted the spent case, but the case was bulged out again. Anyways I took some pics to see what you guys think. I emailed the company a couple days ago, but being a holiday weekend Ill have to wait to hear from them until tomorrow... Hopefully. Honestly I'm pretty f****** pissed about almost blowing off my face.

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  2. SSGN_Doc

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    Looks like it fired, while out if battery. Or possibly the chamber is not properly bored. Definitely needs the importer/manufacturer to have a look.

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    You are lucky you didn't blow your face off.
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    As said- that round was fired when the bolt was not yet in battery. Besides the bulge at the base, look at the (non-existent) neck of the case.
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    Hey Babosch,

    Welcome to the FTF.

    Maybe I missed the part where you carefully cleaned

    the preservative out of the rifle.

    Combloc guns aren't like Remingtons and

    Savages, you have to carefully clean them

    before firing.

    So I assume you carefully cleaned the barrel,

    chamber, bolt and innards on this unit before

    taking it to the range? IME this gunk will cause

    stuck bolts, jammed cartridges, and a small host of

    other problems.
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  6. Babosch

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    Yes the gun was properly cleaned and lubed. The gun was built from a kit so there was no cosmoline. It looked like they had test fired it even. When I took the gas tube off the piston had carbon on it. I even took the firing pin out and cleaned the inside of the bolt and extractor. I talked wise lite and they told me to send it back for repair/exchange. To be honest I kinda scared to shoot another gun they made but we will see.
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    Sorry, Babosch,

    I use Occam's Razor when Internet Troubleshooting.

    Many guys buy their first Combloc, after many domestic

    rifles, making the simple assumption that they are cleaned,

    wiped down, and lightly oiled, like what they are used to.

    Hopefully the exchange will work better for you.

    The fact they exchanged it is a good sign.
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