Excellent gun care product.

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    If you decided to stick around, I think the truth is oil is just oil.

    My son said I had to get Miltech, caused it worked so well on his knives. Well it is a good product, and if I spent the time to find the Mobile 1 specs I'd guess it isn't that much different.

    But I also got these neat little applicator bottles which no one has mention. Can you every get such a cool bottle? And it even has a lid so it won't get dirty when it evaporates.:)

    Use whatever you like.
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    I saw it on Ted Nugent's facebook page.
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    WD-40 did surprisingly poorly in thegunzone.com rust prevention test and one other test I heard about . The new WD-40 Specialist line includes a rust prevention product that may be entirely different . My personal experience with WD-40 indicates that it is a poor rust preventer but works well as a lubricant on guns, car door lock cylinders, squeaky door hinges on everything from microwave ovens to car doors and on folding knife pivot points .
    Some powder solvents can damage plated nickel parts like Glock frame rails
    so I generally use them only to clean the bore . I use BreakFree CLP to clean all parts of guns routinely and wipe off as much residue as I can with a dry cloth , leaving a very thin film to prevent rust . If I want to remove all oil from a bore or the whole gun , I use Birchwood Casey Gun Scrubber or a similar product made by other companies .
    To remove deposits from a dirty bore, I sometimes wet the bore with Breakfree CLP and let it sit for hours before running some wet patches through it, brushing, and running another wet patch or two . Before shooting, I run a dry patch or one wet with Gun Scrubber .
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    The Militech 1 tested by thegunzone.com had instructions that said to fire the gun to heat it up and then apply the product . Used like a conventional oil, it did poorly in the test .
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    No. Not all oils are created equal . Glocks like thin oils like BreakFree while 1911s and Garands seem to prefer higher viscosity oils like Shooters Choice FP-10 . I tried Tetra Gun and it seemed to get sticky with age . As noted above, rust resistance varies widely among oils .
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    KY is known for two products; jelly and fried chicken. You can use either to grease your gun. ;)
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    fried chicken grease works well in lubing guns! a gun that smells like fried chicken is a plus! :p
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