Excellent, Fast Barrel Threading & 3 Chokes Service

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    Hello all

    Posted this under Gunsmithing, and wanted to place this note here also, if you are looking to thread fixed choke shotgun barrel for screw in chokes. I had my 12-gauge Hawk barrel threaded and got three extended, threaded "Tru-Choke" chokes (skeet, light mod, and full), with universal wrench and speed wrench tools - cost $150 for the work, chokes, and tools (flush chokes are $125 for threading plus 3 chokes). Plus, I received the barrel back one week after shipping it to them. Very responsive telephone and email communication, including an email from the owner. If you need a barrel threaded, I can definitely recommend these guys for very good and fast service:

    Carlson Choke Tubes
    720 S. Second St, P.O. Box 162
    Atwood, KS 67730
    Phone: 785-626-3700
    email: customerservice@choketube.com
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    Carlson makes good stuff, I use their Turkey choke and have bought a couple replacement chokes for my used Montefeltro.