Example of long arm to sidearm transition.

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    A video example of a simple transition from a long arm to a sidearm. This can be adapted depending on the weapon systems being used. For this example, I am using two firearms that are really inexpensive and commonplace, which are the Rossi single shot and the Hi-Point C9.


    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTEyyva2Xgk]YouTube - Rossi and Hi Point Useage[/ame]
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    Good deal my man, great approach to it. I like how you did this (the equipment and philosophy). I am pleasantly surprised by all the positive comments on youtube, they can get squirrely sometimes. Good indicator that you are on the mark. Thanks for posting that up!

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    Good job! Most folks ignore common firearms as SD or HD options and it's nice that you give folks some food for thought on how to make the best of what they have.

    Just a thought if I may. If you are in a position of having to transition swiftly from the long gun to the handgun you might NOT want to take the time to open the shotgun and eject the shell. That takes two hands and about a second of your time in which for all intents and purposes you are unarmed.

    Since you have a sling on the gun It would be more effective to have the long gun sling draped accross your back while shooting so you can just drop it when empty and immediately go to the handgun. This will leave the long gun hanging accross your chest but out of the way.

    You can then reload the long gun from cover when you get to it. That also gives you the option of keeping the handgun in your strong hand and reloading the shotgun one handed with your off hand.

    Good video.