ew 88/05 "S" Marked Barrel Specifics?

Discussion in 'Curio & Relic Discussion' started by Joshua M. Smith, Aug 27, 2011.

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    I'm quite confused on this one.

    My "S" marked Commission Rifle Gew88 slugs to 0.310" x 0.3165". However, the barrel seems to have a taper.

    I have read and have been told that the whole barrel was opened up for the 0.323" bullet, if it was modified. My measurements don't bear that out.

    I have read, and been told, that the chamber and leade were the only things opened up so as not to cause overpressure, but that the barrel diameter was kept the same.

    Then I've been told several other things.

    I know that it shoots well with a 0.318" 200grn jacketed bullet, about an inch at 50 yards.

    However, I have primer setback at the minimum charge of Varget, and that seems to indicate low pressure (headspace is OK according to an old gauge, but I've ordered a new field gauge just to be sure).

    A too-small bullet diameter would cause low pressure.

    The barrel is not stepped, but rather tapered, and is German. It went to Turkey for WWII and I'm given to understand they used 0.323 ammo.

    Any help clearing up this confusion would be very much appreciated!