Everybody is Angry

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by usmcprofessional, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. usmcprofessional

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    and its about time.

    i go around, reading up on the news from the basic sites like yahoo, aol, google, that sort of thing. usually when its a political story, theres always a slew of comments form both types of people. people standing up for bush, for obama, for the donkey or for the elephant. but lately its changed online.

    when it comes to a political stories there seems to be a common theme. people are fu*king pissed. its not even about the debt crisis, it could be "obama has press conference about teddy bears." and the comments are still "i hate the damn government!" or "all of them are going to pay for what they have done!". no more people taking sides or defending such and such. its just the same comments or same thread that everyone is mad as hell and they dont wanna take it anymore.

    im actually feeling giddy about being in my 20's in this age. it might turn out to be a very important decade for the future, for the bad or good.
  2. Millwright

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    "May you live in interesting times" is an old Chinese curse. You may grow to regret your enthusiasm for the current state of affairs in America. >MW

  3. usmcprofessional

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    I'm a firearm owning OIF vet U.S. Marine. i have nothing to fear...except clowns and horses.
  4. Bigcountry02

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    You are not the only one seeing it. I go to alot of sites from a to z and alot of people are upset with not just the admiistration; but, government regulations on their everyday lives.

    Look at Independent news on natural health, nutrition and more just as an example regarding raw milk and cheese, the FDA says it is bad, I drank the milk and loved the cheese back in the late 70's and early 80's.
  5. M14sRock

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    Clowns creep me out....
  6. usmcprofessional

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    dude, Gacy, enough said.
  7. M14sRock

    M14sRock Active Member

    Exactly, and he was not even the first creepy clown.
  8. usmcprofessional

    usmcprofessional New Member

    no, but he was the creepiest cause he was real, and if you dont think so, watch the movie Dear Mr. Gacy and try to get goosebumps. dear lord.
  9. Cory2

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    Its about time people start getting pissed... I have been pissed since I got interested in politics back when I was 15. I took great interest in the constitution and still do, if the government would simply do what our founding fathers said, all of this could have been avoided.... So to this I say,

    RON PAUL 2012!
  10. therewolf

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    We simply have to bring accountability

    to government, and cut out the BS.

    For instance, everybody wants Eric Holder to resign for

    BATFE's project gunwalker.

    Wait a minute. He's not even going to lose his gun


    If I, or you, or anybody else contributed to a gun death by

    enabling ** 1 ** straw gun purchase, we'd be lucky to

    be allowed to use spitballs or rubber bands 50 years from

    now, after the prison they sent us to rotted away from over top of us.

    IMO, everybody involved with that ATF scam should lose gun

    rights for life, just like you or I would.

    These hooligans in government are supposed to be held

    to a higher standard of conduct, but instead they

    become "teflon" shadows with badges. Angry? Well

    after watching my state legislature shred our gun rights

    guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment, because they felt

    the public on the whole is irresponsible
    , I can only say

    the public had a government example to live up to--

    -- the ATF!
  11. opaww

    opaww New Member

    People might be pissed but if there is not enough of them to vote this dead beat POS out of office then we are stuck with it for 4 more years
  12. therewolf

    therewolf New Member

    Hi opaww,

    How are you doing this morning?

    Unfortunately, it's going to be tough to get rid of Obama,

    because he's(almost) black, dresses well, smiles and

    spouts folksy rejoinders at the drop of a hat.

    Unfortunately the national election has degenerated

    into a high school popularity contest, with people voting for

    who they think will win, and people wanting to be

    able to truthfully claim they voted for the winner.

    Political merit has turned into a zero value.
  13. texaswoodworker

    texaswoodworker New Member

    I've been pissed for years and I'm tired of it. We need people running the country who care, not people who do it for fame, fortune, or anything else.
  14. therewolf

    therewolf New Member

    This current administration has surely

    left a wake of destruction unequaled by

    any ship of state in the past.

    IMO, people are angry now, because they

    have more to be angry about, they have

    many unmet expectations, and most

    importantly, because it's affecting them

    on a much more personal level than in the past.
  15. willshoum

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    Lest we forget........

    What was this nation founded on,who did we take from, what was the reason, I'm not proud of the fact, and I say fact. Columbus never discovered the Americas, and if you believe that you are living in your own little world. What these people saw was Greed, greed by any other word. And It is still going on to this day.....GREED will consume the very earth we live on.....:mad:
  16. orangello

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    Part of the problem is that greed drives too many of the decisions of our elected officials, especially in the legislature. It may sound mean, but i don't think people who have served in the House or Senate should ever be able to earn any income other than their retirement pay and income from savings. That might cut down on SOME of the double-dealing & communal back scratching that goes on.

    Bears dude, gotta watch out for the bears too.
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  17. culdee

    culdee New Member

    I agree

    Yup about 9th grade I had all I could stomach of politicians and govt. that would be 47 years ago now.
  18. Sniper03

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    You all have hit the nail on the head~
    Their Greed and self motives are driving their almost every decision. Bottom line is they and their families have millions or in some cases billions. Then they serve a couple of terms and they are sponging from we citizens forever. And if they screw up America as they are presently doing they will likely and can afford to move them and their family anywhere in the world that is not screwed up. Leaving all of us to be here to deal with their destruction of America which they caused. Bottom line Americans need to stop being stupid when they go to the polls in 2012. Sad thing to say, is any candidate who is slightly honest, worth their salt and interested in the country can't seemingly win because of the corruption and dollars coming in supporting the idiots from people like George Soros. Like Charlie Rangel who should be in prison. Saw he was in another delima this past week. Now that is credible US Government Officials!!!! Corruption at it's finest!
    We need to stop being Democrats and Republicans and be Americans because at the present time we are on a definite destruction course and going faster unless we get the brakes on and begin to turn this mess around! We will be the ones that suffer! The only possible chance is the elections of 2012. Then who ever would get in better clean house since the present congress is mostly responsible for the mess at this point. All their free money and give me programs. I saw 6 companies and businesses this past week while on the road with NOW HIRING SIGNS out front. But some lazy A-- is sitting at home on the couch since it is easier to get our free tax money. God Bless America! And Wake Up America! Americans are more than Pissed about what is going on and I hope they realize it! Speaking for the majority of true American we have had it! If they are eavesdropping and monitoring our website they need to take notes! They are part of the problem not part of the needed solution!
    Well jumping off the soap box for now!
    Have a great weekend! Go shooting, go fishing, or just go have fun! We need it!

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    And for the freakiest CLOWN of all! I think this one is more creepy than Gacy!:eek:

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  20. PanBaccha

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    I remember as a youth the fabulous Sixties.
    Then people took their anger and frustration
    out to the streets and changed the political
    atmosphere in the country. Nowadays, you can
    hardly find a person that reads, let alone make sense.