Ever feel like youre buying too many guns?

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by TheNYResistance, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. TheNYResistance

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    I may be out of control here. I bought my first gun 2 years ago, a mossberg 500, it wasn't a month that I had a mosin, then I had a dry spell for a while and got the hunting bug, got a 10/22 at a gun show last February. Then a month later a maverick for turkey hunting. Had a dry spell until march rolled around and the great state of NY graced me with a pistol permit. Glock 30, hey I needed it as my carry and my bedside. All was well until last month I saw a nice deal on a gun I wanted for a while, an od framed glock 27. Then I found a deal on an OD green ruger LCR which seems to be sold out everywhere. Then I went to dicks and got my first deer rifle for November deer season.
    It isn't just the guns, but all that comes with them, ammo, safes, hunting apparel, cases, locks for the kids. I think I might have a problem. The thing is I don't look at gun in a long term way, like, one day I will own that Smith 686, I want them NOWWWW
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  2. GaryGlock

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    Haha I have the same problem. I only started 8 months ago, glock 19, mossberg 500, mosin I'm actually picking up in a few days I'm super excited , and I already talked to the gun store into putting a mak 90 on law away for free even though my mosins still sitting there. And there's a long list of wants and will haves behind those. They are fun..makes the wife feel safe too so double win.

  3. TheNYResistance

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    Wish my wife was like that. She is not happy, I hide my purchases, hell she might think I'm cheating on her as often as I go to my FFL and tell her I need something from the market. And I live in New York, a whole other challenge registering my new pistols with the county clerk, damn place is a half hour away.
  4. c3shooter

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    Let me see if I understand this....

    You're on a gun forum.

    And you're asking if you buy too many guns.

    Think about it for a minute. Is you family missing something like food, shelter, clothing, medical care- due to your gun buying? No? OK- next question. :p

    I have 3 local gun shops that know me by name. and two that call me when looking for info on a gun. All 5 put guns aside for me. Without me asking. For Christmas, birthday, Father's Day, the kids give me gift certificates to gun shops. Daughter believes the answer to "What to get a man with everything?" is ammo to shoot in everything.
  5. kycol

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    Ok it's not often I catch you making a mistake. Actually this may be a first. Is it 3 or is it 5? Lol
  6. purehavoc

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    Nope ur perfectly fine. I have acquired 8 more this yr so far and had to buy a second safe :) now start stocking up on ammo
  7. mountainman13

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    We have a collector that comes in Atleast once a week and transfers 3 guns at a time. You're perfectly fine. Lol
  8. winds-of-change

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    I would buy firearms like that if only I had the financial means to. i have several gun "wants" and I hope to someday have them. For now........I wait. :)

    Has your wife ever gone shooting? I think if she tried it she might join you in your search for the next perfect gun purchase.
  9. Gatoragn

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    At supper the other night my wife asked me if I needed another safe yet. :eek:
  10. Chainfire

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    A man I worked with had somewhere over 300 guns and you can still find him, in line, at opening time of every gun show I attend.
  11. 303tom

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  12. FearTheFree7

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    The 2 years since I've turned 21, I've purchased 8 guns. And I still haven't been hired into the field I went to school for. You can see where my money goes :)
  13. HockaLouis

    HockaLouis New Member

    Too many? I don't understand. TOO many!? Nope -- not following.

    As for "locks for the kids" instead of the guns, now why didn't I think of that? The old lady doesn't seem to mind one bit when we make a game of it, so...
  14. orangello

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    Hell no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. aandabooks

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    I've bought 28 since September 2010. I've traded a couple away to get other guns I wanted more. Last week it was my RIA 1911 to get a SA Loaded. Sold five low end guns outright over the summer.

    You can't buy too many guns. I've found you can buy too many calibers/gauges and that makes the ammo harder to keep up with.
  16. bige91603

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    I bought my first gun (rem870) last august and its been down hill from there. Got a mosin a month later then went dry when I was told no.more but I don't listen. Bought a Romanian ak this summer and then when I turned 21 I got a s&w sd9 while also getting a super blackhawk from my pap. Last month I got a browning auto5 in a trade and built an ar15 last week. I'm happy with my purchases though
  17. Axxe55

    Axxe55 The Apocalypse Is Coming.....

    no such thing as too many guns, only too few!:eek:
  18. Vikingdad

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    Bought my first one, a Marlin 60, in 1981 and I still have it. Moved into double-digit ownership by 1986 when I was 21. Haven't sold or traded off a single one. I have more guns than I really need but not nearly as many as I plan on owning.
  19. sweeper22

    sweeper22 New Member

    Bought my first gun 4 years ago. Have about 15 now. It sure seems like every time I cross one of the list, three more candidates emerge.

    You seem to be right on schedule.
  20. Polygon

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    Yeah, I actually got that feeling on Friday. I buy pretty much all my guns from Bud's because they're normally the best price and I can buy them on layaway. So I tend to get a gun, pay it off over 90 days, and once it's paid off I feel like I can get another gun. However, Friday I was picking up two transfers. I broke the rules and put two guns on layaway at the same time since I wanted them both so badly. And then while I was picking them up at my LGS they had another gun that I really wanted, and for a great price. I damn near bought it.

    I certainly have a problem here. Still, I don't plan to do anything about it. ;)