Ever been impressed by an LGS POS?

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    Hey guys! I would like your input. I am helping an LGS owner modernize his setup and I need examples of GREAT and easy POS (Point of Sale) systems.

    WAIT! Don't click away!

    Even if you aren't a business owner, you may have valuable info! If you have ever been into a local gun store that you asked for a part, gun, ammo or anything in inventory and they typed it into a computer, told you how much they had and a price immediately, you can help! Just reply with the name, city and state of the shop that impressed you. I will do the research.

    Also, any LGS employees or owners that have or have worked with a system they are impressed with, I'd appreciate your input! Either reply with the name of the software and the company, or the store, city and state you saw it in.

    ANY responses will be greatly appreciated, and you help other gun owners in the process! The better one LGS runs, the easier it is to stay in business and the better all gun owners are eventually served!

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    The only gun store that has ever attempted to order for me had catalogs. Nothing modern there.
    All the chains tell me they cannot order anything. They just get what corporate sends.

    Wait... Auburn Armory in Auburn, Alabama orders parts and accessories on their computer. It saved me the shipping.