even BP shortage?!?

Discussion in 'In Stock' started by glitch, Mar 27, 2013.

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    I've been shooting mainly muzzleloaders lately to try to get through the "shortage" to conserve the smokeless ammo I have been saving/stockpiling for the great event. I can't even find a good local source of Triple Seven BP substitute, and what I find has almost doubled in price; Goex, Swiss and Schutzen black powder prices are nuts, if you can find them. And, what's with the shortage of .22 rimfire? It's crazy! Most of the folks I know are afraid of buying ammo or reloading supplies on the net for fear of ending on the government watch lists.
    If, by some chance, I find some good deals, you betcha I'll post them, but...
    For now, I'll pray for the end to tyranny in any form, the return to sanity and the Sovereignty of the United States.
    God Bless America.