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    Need to Vent a little guys, I am not sure if anyone has purchased a generator from Eastern Tool & Equipment which is HQ'd in Canada but has service centers in the US? Buyer Beware!!!!

    On April 14, 2010 we purchased a portable gas generator (model TGP28P41) to beused on family camping trip while using our Pop up Camper. The first trip that we took in 2010 that required the use of the generator resulted in a failed engine on the first dayof our trip. The engine failed with less than one hour on the dial and we were instructed to take the unit to one ofthe authorized repair service shops in DE. The repair facility confirmed the malfunction of the engine and we then shipped the generator back to Eastern Tool & Equipment, Inc. and areplacement unit was sent per manufacturer warranty. I was blown away that this generator would not even last one full hour and I am glad we were not in a situation where we were relying on it in this situation.

    The replacement generator was not needed until the following winter and stayed in the box until we had the Hurricane this summer. Pulled out the generator got it ready and it started right up. The Hurricane was not as bad as anticipated for my area and we never needed the unit so it was in the shed until December 2011. We were getting the unit ready for our Hunting trip in Western MD and temps were going to be in the teens. Ran it off an on for about an hour to get it ready and we had a fuel leak, after the fourth time starting the unit we were not able to pull the starting cord and it seized up. Less than one hour on the dial again. Had to rent a generator for the trip.

    Eastern Tool said that there is nothing that they can do. Two units with less than two hours of running time both with engine failure. The company website states that they are committed to providing quality, dependable products and superior service none of which I have experienced. Do you think they should do something about this? Sorry for the rant but I can't believe that they wont make this right. I sent two letters and three emails and only recieved one response that basically told me that I should have discovered that teh engine was faulty on the second unit before the 1 year warranty expired.
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    I know your pissed but if the warranty is up. Then there is really nothing they can do.what kind of oil are you using?