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  1. jwalkingstick

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    My father has a small collection of long guns and hand guns. We have decided that it is time for him to pass them along to me. These guns are all perfectly functional, some older, some newer. No antiques.

    He lives in central VA and I live 2 hours south in NC. I don't think the long guns pose much of a problem transporting accross the state line. It's the hand guns I'm concerned with. There are approximately 6 of them. What is the best way to change ownership, transport to NC and re register these guns.

    Concerns, thoughts?
  2. matt g

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    A will should give both of you as much protection as you can get. Research what is required for a legal will in both states.

    Forgery is a federal offense.

  3. Northwoods

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    Check the gun laws first, in both states. There may not be any problem of him just giving them to you.

    If you can keep the states' noses out of it you should. What is given between family members is none of the states' business.
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    Read up on North Carolina law

    The go see your chief law enforcement officer, get your permit, drive up here to VA, say hi to Dad, take your UNLOADED handguns, put them in locked case, put case in trunk, drive home. While you cannot BUY a handgun in another state, you can be GIVEN one face to face (as long as you meet the legal criteria to possess a firearm) Virginia does not have registration of any guns other than full autos, sawed off shotguns, etc.
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    Why not just go get them and drive home? Don't drive like a fool and you won't give LEO's any reason to pull you over. It's not like your smuggling drugs across state lines.
  6. Mark F

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    I agree, just take them home and don't worry about it.