Estate Auction Saturday = Tikka T-3

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    On Saturday I attended an estate auction in the town near my home. It was a fantastic auction with many guns, knives, collections, tractors, cars and etc.

    The first of the massive amount of guns to come up was a Camo Stocked Tikka T-3 Stainless Barrel in 270 Winchester Caliber. The gun was like new and did not even have any marks on the bolt face. I could not help but start bidding on it. Bottom line I got it for what I thought was a great price at $450.00 knowing what the retail actually is on the rifle. I had heard a lot about Tikka Rifles since they are a product of SAKO and in my book SAKO is one of the tops. To continue with this story I had a new lesser expensive Simmons 6.5X20 50MM Obj. Scope which I mounted on the rifle on Sunday. I then went out to the range here at the house and test fired it with Hornady Superformance 270 Winchester 130 gr. ammunition. And it did not take me long to realize the TIKKA was living up to the accuracy I had always expected from the SAKO Rifles. I laser bore sighted it and fired 6 rounds to get it zeroed at 100 yards. Then let the barrel cool and shot a three round group that was right at 3/4 MOA. Ate the center out of the target. To say the least I was more than impressed with it's performance. I did notice that it seemed to have a tighter chamber than most rifles. But wow will it shoot! Not any better than my Remington CDL in 7mm Rem Mag. But no less accurate!
    Here it is! I did put some camo tape on the scope since I was planning on taking it to Texas this next week. But have decided to just take the 7mm Rem Mag. and the RRA 458 SOCOM with NV for night pigs and coyotes.


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    Way to go, great finds both of em, good luck with em !................

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    Ye, after having tikkas its hard for me to justify another brand. I'm sure most others are good, but I've yet to shoot a tikka that wasn't a shooter. Good find.