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    Those that have been following the soap opera, know that Sarge and Lt. Linda met through the PWP (Parents without Partners)
    In the local chapter that they belonged too was a guy named Ray. Ray was everything that a woman didn't want in a man. (this is his actual name and if it is someone else's name there is no connection) Disgusting, obscene, dirty and he drooled when stared at the women. Ray's only claim to fame was his money. He had lots and he would host the PWP committee meetings and cater them with a expensive meal.
    Now on the other hand there was Sarge. Hard working committee member. Diligently trying to keep all lonely females happy. Sarge's job on the committee was to do the screening of new members and also he made the announcements at club meetings. So if anyone needed info they called Sarge.
    And the phone rings....................
    It is little Linda. One of the anouncements had been about a wedding between two club members, another about a committee meeting at Ray's house. Linda asks "Hey you crazy Indian, are you going to that wedding?" "I didn't write down the address." "Sure am little Linda let me get my notes." DRUMMMMMMM ROLLLLLLL
    And Sarge makes a mistake. .......He accidently gives Little Linda, Ray's address..........
    Move to Sat. morning. Sarge is squinting at his notes as he drives to Mariposa Street, on his way to the wedding. As he turns the corner, he see's Ray's house ahead and Little Linda's car at the curb. She is knocking at the door. "KOWABUNGA!!!!!" SHOUTS Sarge. He realizes he has made a TERRIBLE mistake!!!. Giving the White Elephant the gas he roars up the street and slides to stop at the curb. ....Too Late.....
    Little Linda's knock has brought the dreaded Ray to the door, where she says brightly, "I am here for the wedding!" Ray, being of twisted mind thinks she is proposing and yells YES!, grabs little Linda by the hand and catapults her into the house! Sarge see's this as he sprints to the door only to have it slam in his face and the evil Ray cackling from behind it. Throwing himself at the door Sarge screams "Ray, it is a mistake!!" Little Linda screams in the background and Sarge beats and kicks at the door. From behind the door the evil Ray yell's "I have a baseball bat and I know how to use it!" Sarge throws himself at the door again splintering the lock. The evil Ray grabs the bat with both hands and takes a swing at Sarge's head.
    Little Linda now turned loose wastes no time in escaping through the patio door. Sarge catches a glimpse of her running like an Olympic Sprinter around the end of the house. Ducking the ball bat he leaps off the porch and demonstrates his own free style cross country running. As he passes Linda on the way to the car he yell's "Follow me!"
    And even though Sarge has just sent her to a fate worse than death ......she does it. she follows him. As Sarge drives away down Mariposa, he thinks to him self, "My God this girl is dumb enough to marry me!"
    And to this day whenever Sarge and Lt. Linda are going to meet to go somewhere and she asks, "Where shall we meet?" Sarge will quip, "Meet me on Mariposa street"
    Next Saga about Sarge popping the QUESTION.
    See you there.
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    Poor Girl :)

    hahaha; I don't know who I love more hahaha; :)
    Thanks; hahaha; and I aint gay hahahhaa :)

    Sir; I had to sit a moment; hahaha; to catch my breath; ahhhhh hahaha