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  1. okdonk

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    Hi guys... Just been wondering if eotech sights can be purchased by non LEO? Seen them at my local gun store ans noticed there is marking for LEO only. Thx
  2. 1stMarine

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    No idea why that would hold true... I bet you could get it I've never heard about that before I have a 555 and no ones broken down my door yet. You might want to check your state laws but ill bet you can get it.

  3. Judah_BenHur

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    The eotech is probably the most popular sight for private citizens to have on their AR. Why your LGS says LEO only is for them to answer. I've known some shops that are so cozy with their local LEO's, that they will not sell certain items to regular folk at the behest of the local cops.

    Check your local laws, and if it's all good, start shopping online and blow-off that dealer. There's tons of reputable online stores that sell eotech products.
  4. mjkeat

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    Buy one and put it on a Colt LE6920 and watch the feds come running.

    No not so much. The markings hold no weight just like the ones on the LE marked Colt lowers.
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    Isn't this product available over the internet?

    Go around the local yokels if you need to.
  6. okdonk

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    No its not what my dealer said. I just saw the markings on the eotech body. I also aware they are available all over internet. ;) thx for the inputs guys
  7. Sniper03

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    EOTech Markings


    During the time when the rag heads brought the twin towers down. EOTech took the position for a short period of time that they, were due to the present terrorist activity of that day were not going to sell any of the units coming out of their facility at Ann Arbor Michigan to anyone but Government and Law Enforcement. At that time they laser etched the information on the side of the units. They shortly took the restriction off but not off of the units. Anyone here in the USA can buy one at the present time and no one will be knocking anyone's door down. For the money the Model 512 that takes industrial grade AA Batteries is the best unit for most people. *I say Industrial Grade AAs because they never seem to leak like a lot of the others I have had experience with lately! Or the 552 for night vision applications with a night vision unit. So enjoy! If you have a flat top and want one of the best co-witness systems look at the Rock River Dominator II Rail System.
    It eliminates reticle obstruction of the front and rear sight but still lets you use the iron sights if you want too.

  8. Dillinger

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    I too have a couple of EoTechs and they are definitely my preferred site of choice.

    EoTech does make an infrared compatiable model, or design in conjunction with, and IR is a no-no for civilians for the obvious reasons.

    But no, there is no problem with a civilian purchasing an EoTech for their own rifle.