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  1. NitroxAZ

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    I am looking to get an entry level shotgun. I have an old single shot 20ga that was my first gun but want to get a big boy shotgun.

    I am looking mainly for a HD gun but will probably get a hunting barrel for it also.

    What are the pros and cons of the following and any others that you want to suggest? Mossberg 500, Mossberg 590 and Remington 870.
  2. c3shooter

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    All three that you list are very decent shotguns. I am partial to the Remington, but some like chocolate, some strawberry.

    BTW, if money is real tight, keep an eye out for some of the JC Higgins pump guns. The Model 20 is a High Standard Flite King- but due to the JC Higgins name, they tend to be very inexpensive. Last one I bought was $80, wood and metal both in +90% condition.

    The doves have never complained that I shot them with a cheap shotgun.....:rolleyes:

  3. orangello

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    I've really enjoyed my Mossy 500. If i want to go hunting, i can use the 28" modified choke barrel, but i usually have the 18.5" home defense barrel on it. Every one i've handled had a bit of a rattle in the foregrip/pumping grip, but you can fix it with a bit of tape (unseen) if it really bothers you. There a wide variety of attachments & options with this gun. I really like the safety as well.

    I have heard people say good things about some New England Firearms shotty, but have never owned one.
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  4. CA357

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    I have a Mossberg 500. It came with an 18.5" and a 28" barrels. It always wears the short barrel and I added Mossberg Ghostring sights to it. It's only for HD, so I sold the long barrel once the sights were on.

    The nice thing about this model is the interchangeability; if you want to shoot goblins, but also be able to go bird hunting.
  5. Dillinger

    Dillinger New Member

    I am not as familiar with the 590, but either the Mossy 500 or the Remmy 870 are both great choices for an entry level / home defense shotgun.

    Both have a ton of parts available. Both are very easy to work on. Both have thousands of satisfied owners. Any gunsmith worth his salt can work on them for you. They are the target market for aftermarket parts, so that world is wide open.

    If you are open to a used shotgun, these models can be had very cheaply and there is no paper trail if you buy person to person. :cool:

  6. skullcrusher

    skullcrusher New Member

    I can never really make someone understand how much I love my Mossy 500.

    I've seen several used in great condition for about $170 these days. You can get the barrels for about the same price. If you don't mind spending a bit more, you can have the Roadblocker Mossy for about three bills.

    If you don't want to go pump, the Remmy 1100's are great as well for a semi.

    IGETEVEN New Member

    I understand how much you love your Mossy 500 Skull............I really do!! :D

  8. UnderFire

    UnderFire New Member

    Can't really go wrong with either.
    I'm a Remington man so of course I'm going to suggest
    a Remington 870. You can buy a 870 at Wal*Mart (not all sell firearms)
    for around 270 bucks, buy the shorter barrel on-line...and you'll have the best of both worlds for around $370.

    Also don't forget about the Winchester 1300 Defender, it has a short barrel and is designed for home defense. It also can be changed out with a longer barrel for hunting.

    ...here's my Rem 870 home defense shotgun...
  9. M14sRock

    M14sRock Active Member

    The JC Higgins Mod 20's can be had for around $100-$130 all day long. Get one to cut down to 18-20", and another with a 26" or 28" bbl. (The bbls are threaded into the receiver and are not quick release). One of the best pumps ever made, forged steel and very smooth. A Mod20 has a shorter length from the trigger to the end of the mag tube than an 870, but holds one extra round. Only 2 3/4" shells.
  10. skullcrusher

    skullcrusher New Member

    The Higgins (Sears) do kick like a baby mule, if I remeber right. My shoulder just concurred. They are good, but they have minimal butt padding. Heck for the price, you can get a good add on butt pad and have a good gun, too.

    Still, you can't go wrong with the Mossy 500 or the Remmy 870 pumps at a fair price.