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    i finally got my savage back from savage: they ended up replacing the barrel and sending it back free od charge. It a model 12 bvss .223 1-9 twist 26 inch barrel. I got ahold of a box of berger vld 75 gr hpbt and im wondering if the 26 inch barrel in 1-9 twist will be enough twist to stabilize that long heavy bullet? it shoots the 70 gr bergers just fine .3-.5 moa over 25 gr of varget at 100 yards.

    Im also having a problem with getting consistent seating depths on compressed loads. I get my RCBS micrometer seater set with a dummy round to the depth i want but when i try to seat a bullet with the same setting over a compressed load it wont seat to the same depth. Is this a common problem?
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    Most references say 1/7 or maybe 1/8 for a 77 gr. It really depends on the length. A VLD is a long bullet so I venture 1/9 is not likely to stabilize well. Consistant seating is not possible in highly compressed loads unless you neck turn and get lucky a bit.

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