EMP effects on electronic gun safes

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  1. Popgun

    Popgun New Member

    How many of you have safes with electronic access locks? I wonder what the effects of an EMP would be on one whether from solar flare or nuke?

    Wouldn't that be a gass if the very event that we were storing our stuff in safes for, turns out to be the cause of our safes being locked shut. Any body else thought about this? Better yet, anybody know if this is possible, or have a work around in case it is?

    Just thinking,
  2. slog

    slog New Member


    Most Susceptible
    Low-power, high-speed digital computer, either transistorized or vacuum tube (operational
    Systems employing transistors or semiconductor rectifiers (either silicon or selenium):
    Computers and power supplies
    Semiconductor components terminating long cable runs, especially between sites
    Alarm systems
    Intercom system
    Life-support system controls
    Some telephone equipment which is partially transistorized
    Transistorized receivers and transmitters
    Transistorized 60 to 400 cps converters
    Transistorized process control systems
    Power system controls and communication links

    Less Susceptible
    Vacuum-tube equipment that does not include semiconductor rectifiers:
    Transmitters Intercom systems
    Receivers Teletype-telephone
    Alarm systems Power Supplies
    Equipment employing low-current switches, relays, meters:
    Alarms Panel indicators and status
    Life-support systems boards
    Power system control Process controls
    Hazardous equipment containing:
    Detonators Explosive mixtures
    Squibs Rocket fuels
    Pyrotechnical devices
    Long power cable runs employing dielectric insulation
    Equipment associated with high-energy storage capacitors

    Least Susceptible
    High-voltage 60 cps equipment:
    Transformers, motors Rotary converters
    Lamps (filament) Heavy-duty relays,
    Heaters circuit breakers
    Air-insultated power cable runs

  3. jjfuller1

    jjfuller1 Active Member

    not all but MOST, of the electronic safes have a KEY overide. i know mine does. and this problem is of no concern of mine
  4. orangello

    orangello New Member

    That is part of the reason the shotgun doesn't live in the safe.

    I have access to a torch and could probably get something better; the first thing i did was look for the easiest way in, incase of OOPS.
  5. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member Admin Moderator Lifetime Supporter

    Actually, the metal of the safe should offer a fair bit of shielding.
  6. Popgun

    Popgun New Member

    I have a Liberty safe and the electronic part of the lock is mounted to the outside surface of the door. Metal can either act as a shield if the electronics is inside and not touching, or act as a pulse conductor, frying anything attached to it. It could be like mounting a radio to a lightning rod in a storm... I would think.

    I'll have to call Liberty Safe Company and see if the've tested this yet; lot of room out in Utah for a small nuke. JK
  7. orangello

    orangello New Member

    Same here. My BIL has a larger model with the spintowin combination lock that i like better.
  8. TankTop

    TankTop Well-Known Member Supporter

    I can see NORAD from my home, if the EMP frys my electronic safe I'll just wait another second for the heat to melt the door off :-\
  9. Popgun

    Popgun New Member

    Well, I checked with Liberty and they confirmed that the electronics in their lock has nothing to protect it from EMP and would probably stop working in that event. Trying to open it with a cutting torch would ruin everything inside, so unless you had a generator and a powerful steel-cutting saw everything inside will be lost to you.

    This is something to consider if EMP is on your list of SHTF concerns.
  10. texaswoodworker

    texaswoodworker Well-Known Member

    If your worried about EMP, there is a very simple solution. Get a regular, old fasion safe with a combination lock, or get a safe with both. :D
  11. orangello

    orangello New Member

    I'm betting on a plasma cutter through the bottom of the safe, where the bolt-down holes are. If i had to, i have a genny, and i think there is a neighbor with some auto cutting tools. Hopefully, any EMP would hit when i was home, with the safe unlocked and open.

    Did you get the door panel that lets you hang a half dozen of your pistols on the door & has the pockets for mags & such? If not, consider it; i really like it for easy access to the pistols.
  12. Chainfire

    Chainfire Well-Known Member Supporter

    I just got a free safe, after a wanna-be burgular tried to get into it by knocking off the key-pad. This is not a gun safe, but about an 18" cube, but I suspect it is not a lot different.

    On this safe the electronics are protected by a cheap plastic cover to allow access to the batteries. The circuit board is right there all exposed if the EMP makes it through my sock drawer, it is toast.

    The key lock on my Sentry is in addition to the electronics, not an over-ride. If the circuit board goes, it is time for the sawzall, which would take all of about ten minutes. Or if the EMP was accidental I would call Sentry for a new board. If the EMP was from an airburst, I won't be worrying about the contents of the safe.
  13. Popgun

    Popgun New Member

    yea, I got the pistol storage on the back side of the door and I like it too. I love the electronic lock also as it takes about 4 seconds to open. Liberty said they could switch-out the key-pad for a spin-dial for about $175.

    Tough choice, ugh!
  14. clr8ter

    clr8ter New Member

    I had one of those. It took me 7 min with a flat bar and hammer to get into. If it had been bolted down, that time would have been reduced. After opening, it took a ride out the 2nd story window.........
  15. elfmdl

    elfmdl Active Member

    Do your guys safes not have keys with them also?
  16. clr8ter

    clr8ter New Member

    Mine was broken. I told the wife not to close it, She did. I "opened" it. Yes, it had a key. It was in addition to , not instead of the electronic lock.
  17. purehavoc

    purehavoc New Member

    Mine also has a backup key so even if the electronic junk takes a crap Im still getting in it ;) Wouldnt have bought it if it didnt have another means for access besides the electronic panel .
  18. Balota

    Balota ... but I used to play keyboards. Staff Member Admin Moderator Lifetime Supporter

    I don't have the arsenal that some folks do. I only have 3 guns (2 if you don't count the SW22A :) ) I keep two of them locked in a GunVault that has electronic access. It also has a key that I keep nearby in case I forget the code or whatever.
  19. JonM

    JonM Lifetime Supporting Member Lifetime Supporter

    liberty safes arent safes they are just fancy gun lockers. the sides top and bottom are very vulnerable to things like drills and sawzalls. a big heavy safe, ill use that term for what we call safes, bolted to the basement floor and in a location that makes it difficult to access the top is ideal. if you can wedge it in somwhere that protecs the sides even better.

    real safes utilize hardened plate steel not sheet metal.

    anyway ive got a liberty that sits in my basement. its not coming out without specialized moving gear. took the moving guys nearly 6 hours to get it down the stairs.

    emp isnt much of a real concern. anything strong enough to fry electronics through a typical house is prolly going to wipe out life on the planet.

    if its a nuclear source and your affected by it your inside the blast radius.

    i use a combination lock but im switching to a touchpad so the wife can use it easy.

    i think a walking dead type zombie invasion is many magnitudes of higher concernn than an emp strike
  20. purehavoc

    purehavoc New Member

    Our next house , which will be very soon once we get ours sold , will have a block concrete / solid 12" top walk in shelter . It will have a custom door with a removable handle that will double for a interior door handle when removed from the exterior. lots of thought has gone into this and its not going to be cheap but its going to happen regardless if the home is new or used , My wife has seemed to get more and more into the prepping thing without notice . We used to go to the store and pick up $100 worth of groceries a week , basically a weeks worth of food . I can say in the last 8 months our cabinets are jammed full, our fridge is full, and both deep freezers are full . Hmmmmm whats she planning for that im not supposed to know about ;)