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    I received an email from my congressman, Earl Blumenaur (D-OR), awhile ago with a survey. Of course I quickly answered it. He just sent an email detailing the responses that he received. Welcome to a view of Portland, Oregon...

    BTW, notice the irony that the bill proposing to limit magazine sizes is called H.R. 308. That's classic!!

    Here it is:

    I asked: Should there be a limit on the size of the semi- automatic weapon magazine, so that a shooter would not be able to fire off 100 bullets in a minute?

    You said: Yes: 75% (4,247); No: 25 % (1,402)

    Why I asked: Currently, individuals can purchase magazines capable of facilitating killing sprees. I am a cosponsor H.R. 308, the Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act, which would ban large capacity magazines that can hold dozens of rounds of ammunition.

    I asked: Should Federal agencies be able to share information so that people deemed so dangerous as to be on the "no fly list" would be prohibited from legally purchasing guns?

    You said: Yes: 78% (4,319); No: 22 % (1,237)

    Why I asked: Currently, “no-fly” list data cannot be shared between the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the Department of Homeland Security. This means that even suspected terrorists or individuals on the “no fly list” are able to purchase firearms in the U.S. This is unacceptable. I’m a cosponsor of H.R. 1506, the Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2011, which would prohibit the sale of firearms or explosives to individuals determined by the Attorney General to be engaged in terrorist activities

    I asked: Should the gun show loophole be closed, so that the people who buy weapons in the open-air gun bazaars, like what occurs in Portland at the Expo Center, be required to submit to the same background checks and record-keeping as people who buy from licensed gun-dealers?

    You said: Yes: 82% (4,627); No: 18 % (1,029)

    Why I asked: Oregon leads the way as one of only six states that requires universal background checks on all firearm sales at gun shows. However, in over 30 states, one can walk into a local gun show (very similar to those held at the Expo Center in Portland) and purchase a weapon from a “private seller,” without ever undergoing any kind of background check.

    It is time to extend Oregon standards to the rest of the country. I support both H.R.591, the Gun Show Loophole Closing Act of 2011 and H.R. 1781, the Fix Gun Checks Act of 2011, which would both eliminate the gun-show loophole.

    I asked: Should people with a history of domestic violence be able to purchase guns and carry concealed weapons?

    You said: Yes: 15% (834); No: 85% (4,684)

    Why I asked: In 1998, Congress passed the Federal Domestic Violence Gun Ban, prohibiting people convicted of domestic violence, or who are under a restraining order for domestic violence from purchasing firearms. Since 1999, hundreds of thousands of domestic violence offenders have been denied access to firearms under these laws.

    This is an example of the kind of legislation that helps keep guns out of the hands of the wrong people. However, these laws have limitations. Until we close the gun show loophole and require background checks on every single gun purchase in the United States, people with a history of domestic violence can still purchase guns. We also need to work to strengthen existing laws and enforcement systems to ensure that only responsible, law-abiding citizens have access to firearms.

    I asked: Should the federal government force every state to accept the weakest gun safety standards of any state in a "race to the bottom?"

    You said: Yes: 15% (804); No: 85% (4,489)

    Why I asked: This past November, the House passed H.R. 822, the National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011. This legislation, backed by the NRA, would require states to honor concealed weapons permits from every other state, regardless of how weak or strict permitting restrictions are. This undercuts state laws that have successfully narrowed access to concealed weapons permits. This legislation has not passed the Senate. If it does, I will encourage the President to veto it.

    I asked: Should the Clinton-era assault weapon ban, which expired in 2004, be renewed?

    What you said: Yes: 71% (3,993); No: 29% (1,597)

    Why I asked: In 1994, Congress passed a 10 year ban on semiautomatic assault weapons and large-capacity ammunition feeding devices. This ban expired in 2004 and should be reinstated. Military-style firearms have no place in the hands of civilians.
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    So, is everyone in Oregon operating at the intelligence level of broccoli or are the stated responses bs?

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    Oregon was Californicated.
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    I'm just across the creek "Columbia River" in Clark Co WA and I can attest that 75% of Multnomah CO Oregon which encompases the Portland Metro Area do in fact operate at the intelligence level of Brocoli...

    Portland is proud to tell everyone that it's "sister" city is San Francisco!

    However, as bad as Portland is, the rest of the state, with a few college town exclusions, is very pro hunting, pro outdoors, and pro gun.

    WA is the same way but hamstrung by the lliberal majorities in King and Snohomish Counties...Seattle/Tacoma area.

    Knowing the type of weasel Blumen-idiot is...I'm quite certain ^^THIS^^ survey went ONLY to Portland residents and is probably skewed even more and was sent to ONLY public employees!

    I suspect this because I know the OP and want he does for a living...

    Otherwise, CHLChris is a good guy and a fair shot...mostly! :D

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    Only a fair shot...and that's with a bench rest.

    Oregon is a fairly gun-friendly state, actually. Portland is simply the armpit of anti-gun thinking. We are no Texas, no Arizona, no Utah, no Florida, but Oregon ain't too bad.

    I bet y'all know Blumenaur. He's the guy who always wears a bow-tie.
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    They seam so concerned about safety and the public well being but will not offer any firearm safety for the public, just bad press.:rolleyes: