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Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by Vikingdad, Feb 23, 2013.

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    Not sure if this belongs here or not, but I imagine it might spark some controversy among the membership here. I got this email today from Midway USA. Has any one gotten similar correspondence from other gun retailers?

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    I think that's a very noble and honest response from the owner, where's the controversy? I don't shop there but if in fact they haven't upped prices dramatically like most others have in this current climate, that deserves serious kudos!


    AIKIJUTSU New Member

    Even in today's America, you can occasionally encounter an honest businessman. I hope his suppliers don't start price gouging on him.
  4. bluez

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    Seems like a well written honest and sincere explanation to customers how the current climate has affected operations and availabilties.

    Good for them!

    WNGMSTR Troll Scout

    Past, current and future customer.

    Now fill my order damnit!:D
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  7. Bigcountry02

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    I did a double post, no coffee this morning. Posted this in the Club House for other to see.

    One thing, will always stay with this company for online orders. CTD will never see a dime from me again!
  8. Vikingdad

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    I also ran across this list of firearms manufacturers who are refusing to do business with government agencies. There are as of this time around 50 companies on the list. I suggest that we support these businesses as much as we can these days.

    Personally I would like to see ammo manufacturers added to this list. Can you imagine how cool it would be if the government contracts were stopped and the ammo sold to the civilian market instead?
  9. TNFrank

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    I've been a Midway USA customer for years and will continue to be. They're a pretty good company with excellent customer service and prices that are as competitive as any place else on the web. I've not ordered recently because I've not had to but if I need a set of loading dies or other reloading related stuff or even for some gun parts or holsters they'll be at the top of the list of places I'll check before I order. ;)
  10. davva360

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    Just posted the email on another thread. Glad to see there are still some honest business people out there. They will continue to get my business.
  11. Bigcountry02

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    Read the Freedom outpost website has a list and slowly growing:

    The list of companies that have decided to stop selling firearms and ammunition to law enforcement agencies, in states that are hostile to the Second Amendment and putting forth gun control legislation, is growing and has grown more than seven times the number that I informed you about one week ago today.

    Use the following two pages to contact a lot of gun manufacturers at once.
    ■ GRNC- Contacts SIG, S&W, and Glock. Simple cut and paste email

    ■ Firearms Policy Coalition- Contacts LOTS of companies. Type in your info, emails get sent.

    New York Boycott Participants:

    1.LaRue Tactical 2-8-13
    2.Olympic Arms 2-12-13
    3.Extreme Firepower Inc, LLC (Per EFI, policy is several years old)
    4.Templar Custom 2-13-13
    5.York Arms 2-13-13
    6.Cheaper Than Dirt 2-15-13
    7.Bullwater Enterprises 2-16-13
    8.West Fork Armory 2-16-13
    9.Smith Enterprise 2-17-13
    10.Alex Arms 2-17-13
    11.Spike’s Tactical 2-18-13
    12.Quality Arms Idaho 2-19-13
    13.Liberty Suppressors 2-19-13
    14.Doublestar Corp 2-19-13 (Includes J&T Distributing & Ace LTD)
    15.American Spirit Arms 2-19-13 (complete with a video!)
    16.Trident Armory 2-17-13 (reported to me 2-20-13)
    17.Head Down Products 2-20-13
    18.J&G Sales 2-20-13
    19.Barrett Firearms 2-20-13
    20.Exile Machine 2-20-13
    21.Tier One Arms 2-15-13 (reported to me 2-20-13)
    22.Bravo Company USA 2-20-13
    23.Primary Weapons Systems 2-21-13 (read my blog post on PWS)
    24.Crusader Weaponry 2-20-13
    25.Top Gun Supply 2-21-13
    26.Kiss Tactical 2-21-13
    27.Clark Fork Tactical 2-21-13
    28.OFA Tactical 2-17-13 (reported to me 2-21-13)
    29.One Source Tactical 2-21-13 (Scroll down to shipping restrictions)
    30.Templar Tactical Arms 2-12-13 (reported 2-21-13)
    31.NEMO Arms 2-21-13 (check out their photo!)
    32.Old Grouch’s Military Surplus 1-15-13 (NOT a typo!)
    33.Big Horn Armory 2-22-13
    34.Midway USA 2-22-13
    35.CMMG Inc 2-22-13
    36.Rocky Top Tactical 2-22-13
    37.Badger Peak 2-22-13
    38.Controlled Chaos Arms 2-22-13
    39.SRT Arms 2-22-13
    40.Norton Firearms 2-22-13
    41.Umlaut Industries 2-22-13
    42.Predator Intelligence 2-2-13 (Read comments)
    43.Citizen Arms 2-23-13 (At the bottom of the page)
    44.Evolution Weaponry 2-17-13
    45.Chaos Arms 2-23-13
    46.Warbirds Custom Guns 2-23-13 (Scroll to the bottom)
    47.JBTAC 2-23-13
    48.Stoner Arms 2-22-13
    49.Ammoclip (Date of policy unknown)
    50.3 Rivers Precision 2-22-13
    51.2A Firearms 2-22-13
    52.Lanco Tactical 2-22-13
    53.Predator Tactical 2-23-13
    54.Arrowhead Shooting Sports 2-23-13
    55.Boise Tactical 2-23-13
    56.Huntertown Arms 2-23-13
    57.Lauer Custom Weaponry 2-22-13 (PDF) (Makers of DuraCoat)
    58.556 Tactical 2-23-13
    59.Iron Goat Guns 2-16-13
    60.Dead Bang Guns (Date of policy unknown)
    61.Southern Appalachian Arms 2-15-13
    62.Thunder Beast Arms (2-22-13)
    63.Delmarva Shooting Supply 2-23-13
    64.OJ’s Gun Shop 2-23-13
    65.OCS Guns 2-23-13
    66.Progressive Micro Devices (Special case, non gun manufacturer. Read my post)
    67.Semper Fi Arms 2-22-13
    68.Climags (date of policy unknown. Scroll down to “Why was my order cancelled?”)

    UPDATE: The Naughty List
    ■ Armalite 2-19-13
    ■ GT Distributors 2-21-13 (PDF warning)
  12. fa35jsf

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    I got that same email today
  13. Bigcountry02

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    Major company "Beretta" threatening Maryland. Let's see if this wakes up the other big names.

    More at the link.

    Berettas Don’t Bluff’: Major Gun Company Threatens to Leave Maryland Over New Gun Control Proposals

    Beretta USA is threatening to leave Maryland over new gun control proposals, the Washington Post reports, and they would take hundreds of jobs along with them.

    “Why expand in a place where the people who built the gun couldn’t buy it?” Jeffrey Reh, general counsel for Beretta, asked.
  14. Vikingdad

    Vikingdad New Member

    My hat is off to all of the manufacturers and retailers (like Midway) who are stepping up to the plate in order to protect the Second Amendment. I have heard that Texas and other pro-2A states are making serious offers trying to lure these manufacturers like Beretta to their state. I would not be a bit surprised if Texas does not offer some generous incentives to encourage them to make the move. More power to them.
  15. tnel74

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    Glad to see midwayusa sticking up for us!
  16. RUG3R44

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    Most of my reloading supplies came from Midway USA. The've always supported the NRA and the Second Ammendmend. Two thumbs up.