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  1. Shooter

    Shooter Administrator Staff Member

    Why is it that stores who specialize in a niche tend to be jerks.

    Gun shops, tobacco/pipe shops, bicycle shops, etc.

    You go in there and almost always the owner/Manager is having an in depth conversation with some regular and totally ignores the other customers. Then when you ask a question it's like your bothering them.
  2. stalkingbear

    stalkingbear Well-Known Member

    I don't know about other stores but right now gun shops are selling guns & related items so much that they don't have to worry about "little people". It's the wrong attitude and will ultimately cost them serious business in the long run.

  3. Troy Michalik

    Troy Michalik Is it Friday yet? Supporter

    So, was it a gun, pipe or bike shop that is being a DH? And I'm not talking about a Designated Hitter.
  4. orangello

    orangello New Member

    The pipe shops i frequent are always staffed by very mellow individuals, but helpfulness can vary. (as best as i recall)
  5. Gatekeeper

    Gatekeeper New Member

    Some of the worst "elitest" places are flyshops. Some shops are really good but others suck A$$.
    I am a die-hard flyfisherman for over 20years and some of those places can be real snobby.
    Its like others said, no actual knowledgeis required to work there, but they'll look down their noses at you in a hurry.
    You have to drive the new range rover and wear all the LL Bean clothing and orvis accesories to fit in and be a "Pro". Actually flyfishing for these posers is considered optional:rolleyes:
  6. markerdown

    markerdown New Member

    That's why I shop on-line:).............markerdown
  7. skullcrusher

    skullcrusher New Member

    I've noticed this alot. Not wearing the right gear or buying the most expensive stuff means you are hack. I see these posers on the rivers, and they won't say hello if you don't have the orvis reel & rod or wearing the latest most expensive breathable waders. Oh, and you gotta have the $300 sunglasses to boot.
  8. OC357

    OC357 New Member

    Yeah, Orvis and their employees crack me up. I am over there looking at their "stuff" and they really have a lot of high priced equipment and they had some really beautiful shotguns and the cheapest one I saw was $28,000. No one paid attention to me cause I didn't have my $10,000 Orvis outfit on....haha

  9. Jusselin

    Jusselin New Member

    i know what you mean....i went into gander mountain back when i was buying my first pistol and the guy behind the counter was more interested in proving he knew more than me than helping me choose a pistol, so almost $3000 later and another location i moved on :D screw those people
  10. matt g

    matt g New Member Supporter

    We're not talking about that type of pipe shop, Orange.
  11. slowryde45

    slowryde45 New Member

    Around here, we've got several gun shops, fishing shops, outdoors stores, etc. to choose from. there are a few that seem to only stock the 'elite' name brands, and tend to cater to that same crowd. so if joe schmoe walks in wearing the latest in fashions off the rack at Walmart, he tends to stick out, and the snobbery level peaks right away. i tend to avoid those stores, or at least remember to remove the walmart sale tags off my latest fasions off the rack at said store, before entering the 'elite' stores :p

    but even a few of our gun shops seem to have a knack of not having a whole lot of training in 'customer service'. even something as simple as a greeting when you walk in the door would be nice, but don't expect it. sad thing is, it's a store that i have bought most of my toys from. :(

    i will say, that once they get to recognize you as someone who is not just shopping for info or 'just looking', and who isn't going to ask a bajillion questions and want to handle everything in the shop, and then not buy...once they know that's not you, they tend to actually warm up when you walk in. of course dropping some $$$'s now and then helps, too.

    now the fishing shops, that's another story around here. since we have almost every fish species available and a season for them around here, there are some very specialist type stores and employees that work there. but most of them will eventually get around to you, and actually help you out. they tend to frown when you are letting your 4 yr old whip the Orvis/Sage/Loomis/(enter elite brand name here) rods around like their favorite light sabers.

    tobacco/pipe/cigar shops are pretty much elitist all by themselves. that's a pretty specialized business, and a different crowd of customers. but seemingly only when they are in those shops. on the outside, those same customers are regular folks. go figure.

    but for the most part, the more elite the product, the higher the noses tend to be turned up.:D that's fine with me, there's more than one store that carries what i need, and if not...there's always the web.

  12. gorknoids

    gorknoids New Member

    The Dicks @ Dick's (Aside from the teenager greeting you at the door) around here need a *****-slapping every single time I go in their stores (Several in the area).
    There can be 6 people standing around the hunting or fishing display cases/counters knowing full well that we are covered by at least 4 video cameras, and no one will show up until they are dashing out of the back room to go on break. Under no circumstances should a salesperson EVER walk up to a crowd and ask "Who's next?" You may as well walk out wearing a tee-shirt which reads "I don't give a sh*t what you want, you're bothering me." I'm tempted to call their headquarters before going to any of their stores and asking if they could be so kind as to make arrangements for someone to meet me at the counter, because I want to buy some ammo, or a fishing reel, or just talk to somebody about the whole Roswell cover-up.
  13. Hey-you-guys

    Hey-you-guys New Member

    This asshat I bought my shotgun from was a real *****. He was *****ing about my long hair saying that all the smart people have short hair and I needed to get with the times. I told him he was just pissed off because he was bald and that isn't the way to treat the only customer who comes to his crappy little gun shop. That same idiot told me that the Dragunov was chambered in .257 Roberts, even though it is 7.62x54, and the one he was selling clearly said on the receiver "7.62x54." Academy and Wal-Mart have always provided great customer service to me. Bass Pro Shops people at the mall always spend all their time talking to some chick who only went to the gun counter to find out where the ****ing food court is, so they are bull****ting for an hour while I'm standing there waiting patiently, and I actually end up leaving before I even get a chance to talk to someone about checking out one of their handguns or shotguns behind the counter.
  14. TXnorton

    TXnorton New Member

    HYG - I am assuming you are referring to the Katy Mills store. I've done a lot of business with the guys behind that same gun counter and have had but nothing but good service. Maybe it's the attitude?
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  15. spittinfire

    spittinfire New Member Supporter

    I've kept in touch with the best gun shop I've ever found up in Asheville and my buddy up there says they can't sell guns at all right now. A couple months ago, they couldn't keep anything on the shelf, now nothing is moving. Could be isolated, but I think the gun buying frenzy may be going away.
  16. cpttango30

    cpttango30 New Member

    Never looked at the Ovis web site and OMFG $700+ for a fishing poll? ARE THEY EFFING SMOKING CRACK? That is nuts I have a hard time paying that much for a darn rifle let alone a fishing poll that will get used 3 maybe 4 times a year. Hell I had a hard time paying $100 for a poll and reel set up when I did now it is my baby and NO ONE touches that set up.
  17. matt g

    matt g New Member Supporter

    People that buy those things go fishing 3 or 4 times per week. I fish 3 or 4 times per month and wish that I had a few hundred to sink into a good rod.

    Expensive rods really are worth the extra dough if you have the skill to use them. They're generally much more sensitive and set the hook quicker.
  18. Shooter girl

    Shooter girl New Member

    And when that happens I take my money elsewhere.

    A few months ago I was going to make several large purchases from one of the "specality" shops mear my place. When he threw me that same attitude I told him that I was about to make several thousad dollars worth of buys from his store, but wont now because of his poor attitude.

    He followed me all the way to my car apologizing.
  19. Hey-you-guys

    Hey-you-guys New Member

    I don't bring a bad attitude into a store because I know that the people that work there probably have to deal with a lot of crap, the same as me and most others who work to please customers. All I do is stand there patiently and they won't make eye contact with me. Who knows, it might have to do with my facial expressions. People always tell me I look angry when I am actually just squinting because my eyes hurt from all the sunlight and sawdust. I also don't have A/C in my Jeep so my face is beet red whenever I drive somewhere.