Electronic powder dispensers

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  1. jigs-n-fixture

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    Anyone know of online side by side reviews, of the automated powder dispensers? Or, have first hand experience with any if them?

    I want to buy one, but haven't been able to find enough information to make a decision.
  2. JonM

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    ive got the rcbs version. have had it for about 9 months works awesome.

    works also as a regular electronic scale remembers a LOT of recipe settings. its pretty quick when combined with a single stage press. it goes about the right pace for charge weights in the 40ish grain range. if your tossing bigger weights like for a 45-70 or a 338 or 458 it can be a little slow waiting for those at times it just takes a while to throw that much powder. thats going to be with any electronic powder tosser

    based on my experience with it i can recommend it.
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  3. Wouva1

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    Since day 1 I got into reloading which wasn't that long ago I purchased the RCBS charge master....punch in however many grains you like and away she goes...Cheers
  4. mseric

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    I purchased a Lyman 1200 several years ago. It works great.

    A few years ago the keyboard took a crap. The warranty had long since expired by a few years. I called Lyman and was told to send it in, which I did. I was expecting to be notified that the unit was junk and needed to be replaced or that it was going to cost me more $$$ to fix it than it was worth.

    A few weeks later Brown Santa showed up at my door with my Lyman 1200. In the box was my old unit with a new keyboard and a new "Hop-up-Kit". All for FREE. That's CS.
  5. noylj

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    Bought a ChargeMaster when it first came out. No complaints.
  6. oldtymer35

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    I've been using my RCBS ChargeMaster since 2005 and I've never looked back when it comes to reloading my rifle cartridges. I initially checked it against my powder scale, but it soon became obvious that the ChargeMaster is a totally reliable and accurate tool. I recommend it to anyone considering purchasing a powder measuring/dispensing tool. I only use my powder measure for reloading handgun cartridges - and I only use my powder scale to check the powder measure.
  7. noylj

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    Google "powder dispenser reviews" and you'll get lots of forums that have discussed this.
  8. Shade

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    I have a Pact Unit and a buddy has the RCBS Charge Master. I have no
    experience with the Lyman unit.

    I would say both are similar and both are accurate. IMO, they are both
    slow. But they are very, very handy is when you are working up loads;
    and you are increasing powder charges by 2-3 tenths of a grain at a time.
    I use the Audette ladder method of working up loads. My powder throw
    is accurate to +/- 0.1 for my rifle charges and that is good enough once
    I have a proper load worked up.

    I will add that line power coming in can have a marked and noticeable
    effect on the scales performance. I purchased a power filter that you
    would use with an entertainment center. It really improved the
    performance of my scales. I used to have drift and at times erratic
    readings with static masses. I finally figured out it was the line power
    variations. The power filter solved all those problems.
  9. samnev

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    Buying the RCBS ChargeMaster si the best investment I have ever made in reloading equipment in 40 years o reloading. I had mine 3+ years not a single problem.