El Paso Saddlery Combat Express Belt Slide Holster Review

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    Pocket carry is getting the job done but I don't always wear cargo shorts to have a pocket for my phone and other necessities. I have a pancake holster that is very comfortable but it rides low and my gun is trapped when buckled in a vehicle. I needed a better holster and I found one.

    My new holster has to be as comfortable as the pancake holster. Yet it has to ride high and tight for better concealment. Plus it has to be compact and easily adjustable so I can get to my gun in a vehicle. The El Paso Saddlery Combat Express is the perfect holster for me.

    I can loosen my belt just one hole so I can adjust the holster for the seatbelts in the truck. Having the gun on my person is better than laying it on the seat. A gun on the seat is a 30 oz projectile in an accident. I have an unusual scar on my rear end now from a coffee cup that I landed on in a previous accident. I really don't care to find out what the scar looks like from contact with a G19.

    The Combat Express has excellent retention for a holster with no retention strap. Yet I can draw my gun from concealment only fractions of a second slower than a gun in OC. if you have to deal with a retention strap on a OC rig the Combat Express is much faster. It is easy to draw the Combat Express from a prone position or while sitting. The combat express maybe a fine rig for run and gun games.

    The El Paso Saddlery Combat Express is easily concealed with nothing more than a T shirt.

    The Combat Express is very comfortable for all day wear. The holster's small size and easy adjustment makes it an excellent companion no matter what your tasks for the day might be. The Combat Express is so comfortable I fell asleep with it on during the long delays in the Watkins Glen race. I didn't wake up with a sore spot. In fact, I forgot I was carrying a gun until I straightened my shirt out.

    The only fault I can see with the combat express is the wearer shoving the gun the holster until the stitching works loose around the trigger guard. The main retention device is a dimple pressed in the leather that fits in the trigger guard. You do not need to give the gun an extra push to make sure it is seated in the holster. The combat express is tight fitting. If the gun is in the holster it is seated, you don't need to give the gun an extra push. If you keep pushing the gun harder than is required an accidental discharge is a real possibility.

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