eject or extract, that is the question

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    Hi all. im new here,just started my acct. i hope im doing this rite. have a question about a weatherby orion. can it be converted from ejection to extraction without cutting short the ejector springs? shooting trap, its a pain holding my hand over the action just to save my hulls for reloading. if i remove the spring & plungers, the barrels will only close if they are pointing up. any imput will be helpful.
  2. JonM

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    get a second set of springs and clip one coil at a time until they no longer eject fully. if you mess it up or want to put it back later you have the originals

    thats the only way other than removing the lip on the extractor so it cant grip the rim. clipping springs is much cheaper and easier than futzing with the extractor

    lastly you can contact weatherby they MIGHT have conversion parts
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  3. 303tom

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    YES, on what Jon said !................
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    thank you jon. i was thinking the same. was told by a friend at the range that the weatherby action is the same as an SKB. he said that "a guy" did something to his SKB so it wouldn,t eject. he said it only took about a minute to do. enough said on that, we all know that story! thanks again all...
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    I wouldn't mess with the shotgun. I would buy a squirrel cage on a stick that you roll to pick up the hulls. Any time I see a 28ga semi auto I am in a golf cart following them to pick up hulls with my squirrel cage.