Eeeeeek.., She Come-th..!

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    Well , she's here again , come to rub some salt in an open wound I suppose.!
    (SUB-SPEICIES) , Oh no..! :eek:
    We have got to do something ? Her , using my PC to nose on in has created some UN-wanted perplexities..! :confused: I'm getting all of her E-Mails , Etc. !:mad:
    When ever she logs in , I have to log out and then back in when she's done.!:eek:

    Thanks Kath..! :mad: What is the solution..? :mad: An "AD"..? 00 "Butt Shot" , the foot..? Whaaaat..? :confused:.............Hmm...? :confused: Let me let her "Gloat" , and then........:confused: :mad: Thanks Kath..!
    Give me a sec. .........!:confused:
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    Sub-speicies-I don't like this , I can't insult you like I want to with you looking over my shoulder Dan !

    Dango- I have NO problem insulting you though , you *#$@+&*$#@ %$^*#..!

    Sub-This really strange Dan .

    Dango-Strange..? You should have no problem than <--POE-Dunk..! :p

    Sub-I can't do this with you there ! Lets go shooting again LOL !

    Dango-You really Axxen for it , ain't you.? OK then , the 45/70 at 150 yards.!

    Sub-You know I won't shoot that ! Pistols again ? LOL Beat you really bad and you owe me lunch Dan .

    Dango-Yeah . I know , "Pig ala mode" wasn't it.? :D Heavy on the Ciane.?

    Sub-I can't do this . You have to go somewhere else , go play in traffic.!LOL

    Dango- That's what I luv about you Kath , That evil smirk , reminds me of "Butt Cheeks" , LOL :D

    Sub-I'm done , I can't do this , not with you here , Bye ! LOL And that was mean !

    Dango- You know I luv ya Kath , *#^-#%$*-*# , LOL . :D How do I fix this ? :confused: How do I get into these things..? All I have to do is breath and
    "POOF" , a crap magnet..! :confused: I'll be Bauuck..! LOL

    PS: YO Kath , quit calling me "DAN" I hate it and you've got so many other things you call me <--(POE_DUNKED)..! LOL..! :D
    This is too weird though..! EeeeeeK..! :confused:

    Sub- You are crazy , *&%$-&%#* ! LOL

    Edit , edit , edit , Kath , EeeeK..!
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