EDC, Tactical and Last Ditch Blades

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  1. warrioroftheland

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    i'v been on the hunt for a GOOD law cost ( 150 and under ) blade. What would some of you suggest? I'm lookin for first hand experience. i'v watched alot of table top reveiws and hasnt really helped much.
  2. Dillinger

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    Any of the SOG Vision series of blades. SOG is an All US company, has a great warranty and are some of the sharpest out of the box knives out there.

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  3. matt g

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    SOG Twitch II is my every day knife. It was a great little knife until I lost it at work. I paid about $50 for it.
  4. CA357

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    My EDC is an Hk Nitrous Blitz. The black fixed blade Benchmade is a Rant by Mel Pardue. It's in my truck bag.
    Just a FYI, the stainless/wood Benchmade is a Snody Activator.

  5. Shotgun Shooter

    Shotgun Shooter New Member

    If you want a good EDC knife and a knife that will be very helpful in a SD situation, look into the Cold Steel Voyager X2. Its a folding blade, 6" worth of cutting blade and it'll give you a good reach on the attacker. They go for ~110 dollars, give or take. But, I personally would look into one. They arent too bad for putting in your pocket either.

  6. Franciscomv

    Franciscomv New Member

    For great knives at a sensible price I would look at some of Spyderco's, Benchmade's and Kershaw's offerings. Assuming you're looking for a folding knife.

    $150 is a pretty good budget for a knife, you can get some interesting ones.

    The basic Spyderco models, Endura, Delica and Native are quite good. The steel they use is great (VG 10 for the Endura, Delica and Native III, and S30V for the US made Natives). You can get either of them for under $60 from online retailers (I can recommend Shop for case knives, Kershaw and other discount knives at Knifeworks.com, great service). The US made Natives are even available at some WalMarts for around $40! That's a great deal on an American made knife with great steel. Some of the nicer Spydercos are also well withing your price range, if you want a tough as nails knife, look no further than the Manix. It's built like a tank.

    Benchmade's Griptilians are also a great choice, you've got plenty of blade styles to choose from and two sizes (full size and "mini"). My favourite is the original 550 Griptilian, because I prefer the opening hole to thumbstuds (I don't like things protruding from my blade). There are quite a few BMs under $150, I would look for one of their axis lock designs or at the fantastic Dejavoo (one of my favourite Benchmades ever!).

    Kershaw has some of the best bang for your buck offerings in the knife world, and they make them in the US! I've sold a few dozen of the basic Kershaws at my store and my customers are thrilled with them (knives like the Storm II or Skyline). For under $100 you can get one of their assisted opening knives with S30V blade (like the Blur or Avalanche).

    There are lots of other good brands within your price limit: Emerson, Al Mar (the SERE folder is just a couple of bucks over $150), Lone Wolf, etc.

    If you don't already own a quality multitool, I'd split the $150 between a good folder and a good multitool. For instance a Leatherman New Wave ($70) combined with a Spyderco Endura ($60) would be a nice combo for almost any daily task. If you spend a lot of time outdoors you can add a good fixed blade knife later on.
  7. canebrake

    canebrake New Member

    Want a great knife and save $110?

    Kershaw Shallot Stainless Folding Knife 1840ST
    # 3 1/2" Sandvic 13C26 Blade
    # Satin Finish
    # Partially Serrated Edge
    # Speed-Safe Assisted Opening
    # Framelock Mechanism
    # Lanyard Hole
    # Removable/Reversible Pocket Clip
    # Stainless Steel Handle
    # Overall Length: 7 7/8
    # MADE IN USA​

    This is mine. I got it on eBay for 29$ + ship.

    That's a .460 Rowland next to the 1840.




    Here's one on eBay that went for 23$ + ship.

    Kershaw Shallot Stainless Folding Knife 1840ST - eBay

    I'm sure you will find this to be a much higher quality than the purchase price. It is wicked sharp and holds its edge. One of my favorites!

    If you get it for the above price and hate it, you still have 120$ to buy another knife!
  8. wayno148

    wayno148 Member

    Emerson Commander or Super Commander....
  9. Werminator

    Werminator Member

    Geez.. For that kind of money I would load up on more affordable blades... I love my SOG Flash 2 and it is a good size for EDC and emergency defense... In Missouri we can not carry folders with blades exceeding 4" in length but I think that is a long enough blade anyway. Also looking at the Cold Steel Voyager and Recon series... Ontario Rat1... the Byrd line from Spyderco... I could buy like 7 of em for 150 bucks! I really like my Cara Cara 2 but I wish I had spent a little more on the G10 handled model... Love my Rat1 but it is a bit on the heavy side...
  10. dirtysancho

    dirtysancho New Member

    I use two knives on deployment, my KBAR night Ranger and my benchmade military issued. Both are seratted edge. The night ranger works well on my kit onmy belt where the benchmade works good as daily carry on my kit in my pocket or on my belt. Plus both are backed by guarantees.
  11. Muliemaster

    Muliemaster New Member

    KABAR are very good pig stickers
  12. trip286

    trip286 New Member

    Yep. Mine was stolen. I hope the turd burglar falls on it....
  13. pagj17

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    If only life was fair:(
  14. JD1969

    JD1969 New Member

    I like knives almost as much as firearms, but my EDC knife is a cheapie Winchester that I got at Walmart because I lost the last one I had. I like having an EDC knife that I don't really care if it gets lost, broken, stolen, used as a pry bar etc. When I go fishing I carry a CRKT Folts Minimalist around my neck and my cheapie on my vest. For hunting, camping, hiking etc I keep my KABAR in my pack or on the camp table. I also have a Leatherman Wave that sees a good amount of use, but it's kinda heavy and big in the pocket and I don't like having a sheath on my belt everyday.
  15. wayno148

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    My EDC is a Swiss Army Tinker and one of my Emerson Commanders cliped to pocket that is for emergency use only:)
  16. purehavoc

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    For a EDC I just buy the cheapo S&W with the pocket clips for about $8 . I got tired of losing $40-$60 knifes from getting out of the truck , on or off the tractor, snagging them on something and they get pulled out of your pocket . Cheapo for me , I lose to many of them