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    Ok so I know everyone is building bug out bags and what not, but have you considered an EDC Bag? A EDC bag is an everyday carry bag. This is a bag that is smaller than a bug out bag and one that you can easily take with you anywhere or just leave in your car. A EDC bag is a great tool to have if you dont want to keep your bug out bag and 5 months of gear with you LOL!

    So today I made a EDC Bag for my Fiance, just somthing she can put in the trunk of her car or back seat. It is a bag that was cheap to make ($100 bucks total) and that blends in and is easy to carry.

    Here is what it consists of,
    1. Back pack (cheap only 8 bucks)
    2. First aid kit
    3. clif bars
    4. Multi-tool
    5. Hand warmers
    6. 2 Bic lighters
    7. Stainless steel water bottle
    8. Emergency Blanket
    9. Whistle/compass/thermomemter/magnifier combo
    10. 2D Flashlight
    11. Chapstick
    12. Feminine products
    13. Unscented pillar candal
    14. Note book
    15. Flares
    16. Purification tablets
    17. Poncho
    18. Spare bulbs for flashlight
    19. Pepper spray

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  2. canebrake

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    Great post and I think the most informative, for this neanderthal surface breather, is the needs of our SO's in the prep work. [​IMG]

    Thanks colmustard.

  3. colmustard

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    Thank you Cane, my fiance is a bit of a procrastenator when it comes to things like this. So I figured I would just go and do it for her LOL! It's our jobs as men anyway to think about this stuff and prepare for them. Now this bag is just a small example on what can be done with a EDC bag.

    All the items in this bag excpet the pepper spray where bought at walmart. None of the brands in this bag would be the first pick for a bug out bag. But even though they are cheap, they should serve their purpose. And that is to help you out if the need arises on the drive to or from work or town.

    She and I live out in the country, so when we drive it is at least a 30 min trip eachway just to walmart. A fine example for this bags use is, a few weeks ago during that big storm we lost power for 4 days. When the storm started we were both in town but in seperate cars.

    I left town just 5 min. before her, and i had to dodge fallen trees in the road. That 5 min. she was behind me, caused her to run into blokaded roads, and detours. She spent an extra 45 min. on the drive home because of all the blocked roads.

    So this bag is somthing tha can help in case it takes longer next time, or for whatever can happen on a short term basis.
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    Excellent work, Colmustard! About the only suggestions I'd make is that you swap out the big D-cell light with a smaller LED light. No fragile bulbs to deal with, more lumens in a smaller package, goes easier on batteries. Toilet paper (a small camping roll is fine) is lightweight and can be pretty important. Finally, toss in some clothes - a sweatshirt, knit hat and gloves for when it's cold and a t-shirt, shorts and maybe some Deet bug spray for summertime.

    Oh, also make sure she can wear the pack and carry it for a reasonable period of time. And, make sure she knows how to use everything that's in there. (What you have doesn't look too esoteric...I can't imagine anything would baffle her.)
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    I keep something similar in my trunk in case I get stuck somewhere or have to abandon the car for some reason. I got the idea from a post someone wrote about having a 'get home bag.' My bag has many of the same items and also includes toilet paper, some wipes, a tarp, a change of clothes, and some paracord. I also put together a tiny toiletry bag with things like a toothbrush, soap, razor, deodorant, etc...not necessarily essential, but could be used in a lot of situations and would definitely make life more comfortable.

    One of the more important things I keep in the trunk as well is a pair of comfortable shoes. If something happened on my way home from work and I happened to be wearing heels, walking would be terribly uncomfortable. I know most guys wouldn't have that problem, but it might be something to consider for your fiance.
  6. Argyle_Armoring

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    This is my EDC bag. I made one just like this for my dad as well.

    So I decided to modify a Blackhawk SERPA holster to fit in my Every Day Carry bag. Without going into too much detail I have provided pictures. I basically affixed some velcro to the back of the SERPA holster and it will stick to the inside of the back pocket or any other MOLLE system. So without further ado, here are the pics. These are in chronological order.

  7. colmustard

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    Very cool idea with the holster! It is simialler to one that I have for my maxpedition sling bag. On the note about the heels and shoes, she always keeps tenis shoes in her car for that purpose. Thanks for the infoe though. Lets keep the ideas rolling here. We have many threads on Bug out bags, but not a bunch of infoe on short term stuff.

    Maybe somthing as simle as a extra cell phne car charger, could really save the day.
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    Some misc. thoughts off the top of my head...

    Try a knife; I have an OKC Ranger 9 in mine but she'll want a smaller one. Always a hooded emergency blanket/tarp but a poncho-liner, gloves, big boxer shorts, wool socks and insulating hat in winter. A coupla water-filter straw are in mine (they should not be moist and freeze though). My "canteens" are flat 20 oz. and 16 oz. sport water bottle bags and I have a big folded plastic water jug too. My food is ship's emergency rations (with take-out salt-packets duct-taped to them).

    Also note that heat and cold do things to your stuff -- your stick-on velcro won't last one hot working-day in the trunk. Your candle will become a blob soon. Batteries will cook and die.

    I too have a tube tent. I have backpacking sunscreen balm in a little tin vs. Chapstick. Spare light underpants, tanktop, and thin socks. A little soap. My writing pad is a small waterproof one with a little pencil. A small packet of laundry detergent good for two small or one large load.

    That's all for now folks...

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  9. Seven

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    Good list, colmustard.
    Couple things I'd throw in too:
    sillcock key
    single pack of Imodium (the 99¢ pack you find in convenience stores)
    travel size pack of wet wipes

    Here's my EDC bag> EDCGHB link
    That link is a couple years old and I have tweaked my bag some since. Most notably is replacing the Bersa with a G21, but it's pretty much the same.
    My bag is maybe a little larger than most EDC bags since I leave it in my truck and don't actually "carry" it.
  10. ktmboyz

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    I always toss a few light sticks on my bags.. they need no batteries.


    other than waterproof matches/striker and a good knife, i can't see anything more to add. yes, yes i can.....LOL, maybe a dyno light.
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