ECOTech Holosight for RRA LAR-15

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by ClickClickBangBang, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. ClickClickBangBang

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    I just purchased (less than 3 hours ago) a Rock River LAR-15 Entry Tactical with a few extra goodies. One thing I plan on buying in the near future is a optical sight.

    Anybody out there using the EOTech Holosight? Is it worth the $450? What are the pros and cons?


  2. TXnorton

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    Welcome to the forum. I assume that is a removable carry handle on your carbine.

    I have EOTechs on my 16" RRA Elite Comp and on my AK-47. I think that these are ideal sights for targets close in or out to 100 yards. In my opinion (and with my old bi-focal eyes) I think that they are better than iron sights at longer ranges. I shoot very good targets at 100 yards with either the AK or the AR with these EOTechs.

    You may want to consider a Quick Disconnect optic mount like one avialble from LaRue to raise the EOTech slightly, and get a fold-down Back-Up Iron Sight so you can co-witness the EOTech and the iron sights.

    Are they worth the $450 price? That's up to you. There seem to be less expensive alternates out here, but I always believe what my Dad told me many years ago, "you get what you pay for". All I can say is that I have two of them.

  3. KingTiger

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    Here's my LAR-15 with an Eotech 553. Mines got the YHM flip-up front & a ARMS-40 BUIS. They offer an absolute co-witness w/the Eotech. The Eotech is mounted directly to the rail.

  4. Hot Sauce NARC

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    I had the eotech on my RRA and it was ideal for short range 0-100 combat shooting (double taps on man sized targets) but it was lacking in the precision department IMO. For me at 100 yards the center dot of th eotech covered the entire target in most cases, and it was very hard to get small groups with that sight. From a quality and reliability standpoint the eotech was outstanding, never had any problem with it. I got mine for 399 on cheaper than dirt last November, maybe they have gone up?