Economics sucks!

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by AsmelEduardo, Jan 22, 2009.

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    Today, thinking in travel to the states in a few monts ahead, I was planning in buy a new digital camera, and a LCD HD TV.... to my surprise when I click the Circuit City link in my favorites, BANG! they are going out of business!!!:eek: OMG! I'm a tourist that visit the USA regularly since I was a kid ...and this news is disturbing for me... the computer from I'm writing this post, my TV, digital camera, home teather, video camera... all came from a Circuit City but the reality some times it's hard to swalow... when I was there in September last year I can't imagine what was coming... always we had a Circuit City nerby (I don't like the Best Buy store I don't know why)... It's a sad news for me... :( bye Firedogs! (+30.000 new unemployees)
    It's hard to think how a company like Circuit City will disapear, like was disturbing for me when Kmart (that was the store that i remember visit when i was kid in houston, visit a Kmart was like Christmas morning to me) anounces their bankruptcy years ago... I still think that Kmart disapear and now are littles Sears, but not Kmarts anymore...
    Definitively economics sucks!:mad:
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    That news has been out for a while already. One problem with CC is they expanded into too many things. When they first came to my attention, they were mainly a audio and video store. The shelves were solidly packed with televisions, audio systems, and cameras. Not so today. They tried to become a Radio Shack, but RS has them beaten on price and the other stores were already selling the same items. They made the mistake of branching out into other areas that were not their zone of expertise. Classic failure by not understanding their own clientele.

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    I can't say I'm surprised. It's their own fault as far as I'm concerned. Walk into any Best Buy today and you will see why Circuit City was loosing its customer base.
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    That's enough to cause any store to go under! :p

    I went in the other day looking for a little 3" replacement
    speaker for my ham radio. My mistake.....