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    I'm an older guy, so my father, if he were alive, would be really old. He bought his first house in 1950 or so for around $13000. I don't know what he earned, but say it was a year or two of his annual pay. That left him with an investment that didn't cost that much, that he (and us) could actually use, and still have enough money for good Italian dinners, vacations, a nice car....you get the point. Then all sorts of nasty things were allowed to happen so we get what all sleeping people deserve. Anyway, we have to deal with the truth and the reality of the situation. Today, 2 years salary will not get you a house. Our standard of living has been so gradually debased that we don't even know if we are coming or going. The politicals, now and in the past, have lied and lied, in that order. They tell us that inflation is "no prob." Well I say go to Walmart every Sunday and the prices are higher, the boxes are smaller, and the checkers are older. What kind of recovery is that! Sorry to be so negative, after all, the Yankees are 2-0.