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    Hi all!

    A friend of mine has a Sig SP2022 .40. Well a couple of months ago while shooting at the range, literally the last round they were shooting exploded destroying the barrel! :eek: No injuries and best guess is the range ammo they bought there on that day were reloads and 1 was extra hot. The weapon held together good and did not fly apart, but like I said barrel was junk.

    He took it to a shop (not sure where?) and had it repaired. Well it still has many failures to eject, jams, and honestly I would not feel comfortable shooting it. :eek:

    Apparently the 1st shop did not do a good job, so he is looking for another shop to look at it and see what the story is. Not sure if Sig will cover any of the repairs, the weapon is less than a year old...

    Any feedback is appreciated! :)

    Thank you!
  2. DrFootball

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    Glad your friend is ok! It's rare to hear of a Sig blowing up, hope they get it resolved. I only hear bad things about the Sig 22(mosquito) with FTF's.

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    Obviously, the first gunsmith didn't do the job. Maybe the frame is out of alignment, or the mag well is not straight, the problems could be many. A hot round can bend parts that you will never see. I would recommend he call Sig up (603) 772-2302 and ask them. Don't know how old the gun is, but most MFG take of problems like this. I had a Hot load in a Ruger Mini 14 that blew up the bolt, Ruger offered a replacement weapon at 70% of retail. Just saying.