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I Recently became the proud owner of an early model Colt Original AR-15 virtually identical to a vietnam era M-16A1, but without the bolt assist or military trigger group, its a semi-auto only, flat slab-sided lower reciever, and chrome lined barrel, still has the bayonet lug and original bird-cage muzzle, and triangular foregrips, EVERYTHING ORIGINAL, including 2x 20 rnd mags..BUT..I was'nt expecting the horrible mainhinge 'pin' to be a large-blade screwdriver looking affair on both ends(presuming one end to be an end-cap?) and that 2 screwdrivers turned in oposite directions to untighten it..but that does not appear to work, and unwilling to risk damage, i hav'nt gone any further..i'm used to matching, captive push-through pins that quickly allow upper & lower to seperate..but with this thing i can only hinge it, i a wuss who needs to push harder with a screwdriver or two, or is there some other idiotproof trick to what should be a simple matter? any help with this seemingly 'noob' question would be much appreciated, (especially if it comes quickly!!) i'm told that the 'SP' pre-empting the serial no. denotes a 'sporter' but this rifle was surely built before the AR's became such common sporters, and it clearly pre-dates any M-16A2 upgrades, so i'm not even sure about that! it's still in immaculate condition for its age, and was only fired occasionally by its previous owner, so i'm chuffed at my find, but this damn pin...HELP!! Cheers!

I Did'nt mean to post this twice, but i did mean what i said about the HELP! so far 7 views & no comment...and no HELP!
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