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  1. LeeMD

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    Hi guys,

    I am buying my first set of ear and eye protection to use at the range. Would do you guys use for eye protection, if I can't see well without my glasses on? And are there big difference between the 20 dollar ear protection, or the 100 dollars one?
  2. steve666

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    I have polycarbonite lenses in my glasses which are sufficient for eye protection. And yes a $20 set of Silencio muffs works as well as any other standard, non-electronic set. If you are going to get the electronic ones, then the more expensive ones may well be a little lighter weight or have more sound channels.

  3. Ubergopher

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    I highly recommend something in the ESS ICE lineup. You get two glasses (one clear, one sunglasses) and you can order a prescription insert that you just pop in behind the glasses, the cool part is that the inserts are removable so say you manage to get LASIK or PRK done or get contacts you can just pull out the inserts and still be good to go.

    It looks a little bit unusual the first couple times you see the clear glasses with the inserts, you do get kinda use to it though. I trusted my eyes to those glasses in Afghanistan and nearly every time I go to a range now.

    As far as ear pro, I've found for most (most not all) the yellow foamies if properly inserted and what not do an outstanding job.

    In the interest of full disclosure though I do also own a few pairs of the ear muffs and I'll throw those on over the yellow foamies if I'm gonna be shooting a while though.
  4. JonM

    JonM Moderator

    i use these from gander mountain:


    my glasses are prescription shooting glasses with interchangeable lenses. i have a set for shotgun that are red. yellow for rifle, and another yellow set for pistol that are ground with two different focal planes top half focuses long rang bottom half focus the sights.
  5. amoroque

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    I got my ear protection at the ear doctor. Kind of looks like these. They are pretty cool, they have different levels of protection that you can put in them. So I wear different ones when I'm playing with the band or shooting.

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  6. orangello

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    Don't forget the baseball cap when shooting anything semi-auto. One of our supporting members had a hot casing get caught between his glasses & his eyeball, resting on the eyeball, not good.
  7. winds-of-change

    winds-of-change The Balota's Staff Member

    I don't wear glasses so I just bought some polycarbonate glasses from the gun shop. For my ears, I wear foam plugs with muffs over it.

    My friend who wears glasses bought some different kind of glasses that fit over his prescription glasses...something like this...

    Ambient ™ - Lightweight Over-the-glass Eyewear - GEMPLER'S
  8. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member

    FWIW, several of the companies that make industrial safety glasses make ones that fit OVER your regular glasses. Do a google search for OTS safety glasses (stands for "over the specs") I do not need corrective lenses (yet) and wear amber colored polycarbonate shooting glasses. For those with guest shooters, youngsters, or just on a tight budget, Harbor Freight carries a dang near disposable yellow lens safety classes. I wear EAR foam plugs under muffs.
  9. Yunus

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    I use these Caldwell E-MAX Hearing Protection Muffs and they work great. Low profile or foam is a plus because when you shoot a rifle big hearing protection can get in the way.

    In the guard they have us wear both foamies and over the ear protection for shooting and around loud noises on the flight line. Maybe it's overkill, maybe it's not but I still have good hearing after years of being on the flight line around loud jets.
  10. AusLach

    AusLach Active Member

    I just use a set of no-name polycarbonate glasses for range work. I used to use a pair of yellow foam ear plugs, but recently bought a set of these... I didn't believe the hype about their effectiveness when I first saw them but after doing some research I shelled out and bought them. They are great! You can hear normal conversation quite well, but louder noises and damaging frequencies are filtered out. No batteries, no bulkiness and comfortable :cool:
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  11. Squirrel_Slayer

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    I have a pair of Silencio ear muffs, and wear a pair of Oakley Radars for eye protection. Can shoot in a hat unless it's backwards so I usually wear a hooded sweatshirt to keep hot brass off my face and out from the back of my shirt.
  12. LeeMD

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    thank you guys. I will go check out Dick's and Bass Pro tomorrow.
  13. Sniper03

    Sniper03 Supporting Member Supporter

    I have a set of Peltor Muffs that allow you to hear very well but shut of sound at a set decibel point.
    I believe in Muffs due to the fact that the bone around your ear can also transmit sound as well. If you are shooting inside it is very necessary to use both plugs and muffs. On operations we had headphones that sat against the bone in front of our ear and we could talk as well as hear by means of the contact with the bone. I am not sure how many decibels max the bone will transmit but I know we could whisper and still hear the voice through the bone. Just a thought but I would recommend muffs for sure.
  14. billdeserthills

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    Actually if you check by the actual # of decibles the noise is reduced the best hearing protection (that is not custom made) is the cheap plastic coated foam earplugs. They cost around $1-2 and last practically forever.
  15. Drriley

    Drriley New Member

    If you want electronic ear muffs, check Harbor Freight. They carry a version that
    runs from $9 to $14 (depending if they are on sale or not) that work as well as any.

    Most of the gun / outdoor magazines have their ad which has a 20% off coupon that
    makes it even cheeper.
  16. Luv_Guns

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    As previously mentioned, ESS Eyewear makes some great shooting glasses. Some of them come with 2 sets of lenses that you can change out depending on the lighting conditions.

    I use the Flyby.
  17. Bighead

    Bighead New Member

    I have been very happy with the my Leightning L3 muffs, which are rated at NRR 30. The higher the NRR number, the more noise protection. They are available for about $20-$25.

    I ordered them after reading customer reviews of higher NRR rated muffs at www.midwayusa.com.