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    Everything you say or do on the computer is saved or stored in a server,even if you just draft something and never hit send....This statement will be saved as I wright-it....I guess a 4-star General even knows that as of now....Privacy...What is that...???....Watch what you wright,not just send...They had a CBS news-report this morning and it has Big-Brother watching everything,or they can go-back and dig anything-up from your past,even a draft never-sen't......SCARY......:eek:.....Ask a 4-star General we know.......
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    Are you or anyone else really surprised?
    Actually, I don't think it's saved as you type it. You have to either "save draft" or press send. I think this because of one very simply thing- I can type whatever I want to on my computer without being connected to the internet.

    Maybe if you're connected and your typing... Different story.

    Some would look at some of the posts I've made in the last week and say "Holy crap, he's just asking for trouble", but the truth is, I expect I'm being watched. Not as closely as some, but more closely than others.

    I, personally, have not, and will not, say anything I'm not willing to stand behind.