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    All states have statutes on the books for DWI (Driving while Intoxicated.)

    Wouldn't it be great if we had a DWC?? (Driving While Comatose?:D")

    Yesterday I was behind a young guy in a car stopped at a red light. The light turned green and nothing happened. Since I wasn't in a hurry, I decided to just sit there and see how long it would take this jackass to "wake up.":( Fortunately, there was no traffic behind me.

    The light turned yellow, then red. We sat there. The light turned green again. We sat there. It turned red again. I waited.

    It turned green for the THIRD time. He sat there,:mad: finally, I put my truck in neutral and revved the very load diesel. The light turned red and he drove through the red light.

    And they vote!:rolleyes:
  2. MisterMcCool

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    That driver might have fallen asleep.

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    Funny, there's a stop sign with a flashing red light a block from my house. Yesterday as I came through there was a young kid sitting on the opposite side loo king up at the flashing light through his windshield.
    I drove through and looked in the mirror and he was still sitting there as I went around the bend in my road.
    I can only guess that he was waiting for a flashing green light.
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    One night, when I was living in Florida, I was driving home from a friend's house, I was stopped at a traffic light and a car pulls right up behind me, no other cars on the road but us, light goes green I take off this other car is right behind me, I get up to 55 and he's still a car length off my butt, so I decided to start slowing down and see just how slow I could get down to till this other car passes me, when I finally get down to 15 mph before numbnuts passes me! Before you ask NO it wasn't a cop!
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    I'm on my way to work on the scooter, I turn a corner and come up behind a pickup. He's swerving back and forth, going down the middle of the road (rural road). He's topping out around 30 mph, and I'm getting impatient. This goes on for a 3/4 mile, and he suddenly noticed a loud chromed bike with its bright headlight on in his rearview mirror. So he gets in his lane, and motions me to pass. I refuse, the yellow line is solid, and we are approaching a hill. He looks almost mad that I'm not passing him, I can tell because he is watching me more than the road ahead of him. Then a big four wheel drive louder than my bike comes over the hill, scaring the s%$# out of him. Glad I waited to pass.