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    I recently bought a used DW Pointman 7 w/ adjustable sights. I'd like to get adjustable night sights for it. I have emailed the CZ/DW folks asking which I need and havn't heard back from them yet, so I thought I'd go ahead and ask you guys. So what specifics do I need to know. I would think I would need Bo-mar rear sights and a springer front sight correct? Does the front sight height matter that much since the rear is adjustable?

    Also I am going to be getting an ambi safety, any suggestions as to which manufacturer?

    By the way, the DW is supposedly an 08-09 model w/ less that 200 rnds down it, w/ 2 mags, original box, and not excellent but a notch under it condition.and takedown tool for $800, how'd I do? Thanks for the info! Pic was w/ cell sorry.

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    Check out Fusion Firearms
    Bob Serva was president of DW prior to CZ coming into the picture. He has his own line now. If memory serves, BoMar will fit.

    Good luck.