Dvd's From Alaska Cooperative Extension Service

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  1. Rex in OTZ

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    I'd been wateing for ther game meat processing video, its out this year.
    There Dvd's vid's go for $5

    FNH-01289 Processing Game Meat NEW!

    This DVD offers information on the slaughter and processing of reindeer, lessons that are applicable to moose, caribou and other large game. Sections cover the slaughter and skinning of reindeer, processing and wrapping reindeer meat and removing the leggings for handicrafts. The DVD is aimed at hunters and home processors.

    Cooperative Extension Service | videocatalog
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    I'm guessing that not many other states do that? Good for Alaska. It's nice to hear of a state doing something that could be beatifically for someone rather than simply just constantly being a pain in everyone's side.:cool: For some reason I can't help to think of the speed traps right now?