Dusk Range Report

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    Just left the range. I took my SCW Mosin, '41 Izhevsk, and M59/66 SKS. Only put 5 rounds of Bulgarian surplus through the SCW, accuracy wasn't ideal due to it not having a upper handguard, bayonet, or barrel bands. Shot 15 of Bulgy surplus out of the '41 with bayonet, pretty good accuracy with it. Then comes the SKS. I put a good 65-75 rounds through her of Tula FMJ. Normal Tula performance, one either cracked or got punctured cause I got a nice face of gas. Then fouling got built up and some unburnt powder caused malfunctions. My fear is that I got a squib load. I'll see when I get home. But other than those two malfunctions she shot well. Hitting a 1/2 size torso at 100 yards. Also, what I've heard about shooting surplus 7.62x54r at dusk or night is true. A nice fireball. Got a video of it while my dad was shooting my '41. I'll get it and the target pics up when I get home. If I can figure out how to post videos.