Duracoat + Carry Gun = ?

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by BigByrd47119, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. BigByrd47119

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    Hello Everyone!

    SO I was really considering getting my P-11 Duracoated. My biggest issue with this is Im unsure of how well it will hold up to carry conditions. If I did get her duracoated, I would probably go threw Goldenloki.com, which more or less gets rave reviews as far as I can tell. Yes, the guns are pretty, but thats not the issue, and the apperance seems to be what everyone rates this gentleman on.

    Does anyone out there have any experiance with this that might be able to shed some light on the situation for me?

  2. danf_fl

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    The nice thing about duracoat is that, if needed, you can redo it again.

    The key is preparation. I have not had any issues with the duracoated guns.

    Give us some after pics.

  3. pointblank4445

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    A good friend of mine had a Rem 700 duracoated. I was not overly impressed with the finish over time. I know for a fact that he cares for his guns and doesn't use them excessively. I will admit that the fella that did the coating had not done too many guns before this. The coating began chipping and flaking on the bolt knob and near the safety.

    I just recently saw a video with cerakoted products being abused. I would give them a look should I require a finish of this type in the future.

    As for holding up for day to day carry, I have had 1911's that were:
    Blue, ion bonded, Roguard, NP3, and stainless. All showed some wear from my leather holsters. I am a huge advocate of the NP3 because in addition to being a quality finish, you get the benefits of its natural lubricity.
  4. DrumJunkie

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    If it's done properly the finish is as tough as it needs to be.
  5. M14sRock

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    I always like my guns after they get a little wear on them. Try the DuraCoat and see how it wears.
  6. JonM

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    the key to duracoat is after proper application waiting 45-60 days for the coating to fully harden before shooting the gun. i would take or send it to an experienced duracoater.

    i had my 10/22 reciever coated pink and let it sit for a full 60 days before assembling the rifle. so far i have run maybe 1k rounds through it in the last 6 months. looks just as good as when i had it done. but thats not really the same as carry piece that is going to face constant rubbing.

    im not sure i would choose duracoat for a carry piece. my limited experience with it is telling me to be careful with my 10/22 to keep it looking nice. it just doesnt feel as rugged a coating as say nitrite on my rem 700 xcr
  7. willfully armed

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    Cerakote on a carry piece might yield the best longevity of finish.
  8. Dgunsmith

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    A true industrial grade finish like NP-3 or BearCoat will last and last as they are fully cured when you get them back.....unlike Duracoat.

    It is a hobbyist finish that lacks durability as it is air cured and takes far too long to cure. Great advertising campaign for Sherwin Williams paint.
  9. BigByrd47119

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    Thanks everyone!

    It looks like most everyone has confirmed my suspicions in some way or another.

    How reasonably priced are these other options? One of the biggest reasons I was attracted to Duracoat was because of the low cost high visual appeal. Of course none of that matters if it isn't going to stand up in the long run.

    Where do I meet in the middle between quality and price on these other suggestions?
  10. JiroZero713

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