Duracell Battery Problems

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    Is anyone but me been having serious problems with Duracell batteries in the last year or so. I have called them regarding this and advised production numbers on four occasions now in the past year and a half. They send you some free batteries and tell you to send in the item the batteries was used in if damaged. But will tell you it can take from two to four weeks to check it out and see if it damaged the item and confirm it was the battery and not some other source. I advised on one occasion I needed the item in two weeks. They advised they would not guarantee I would have it in three to four weeks. Well when corrosion is on the contacts of items including, night vision and other electronics it seems it would not take two to four weeks to say! YEP we have a problem here! DUUUUUUUUUUGH!
    Anyway it is my intention that due to their lack of seemingly regretting it occurred and the potential of damaging equipment I will probably be using other manufacturers batteries. Just want to check and see if any of you had been experiencing the same thing? Here is one that was removed from a sending unit this week. I guess I have had at least six of these this past year and a half!
    By the way all the batteries were put in new together and of the same production number.


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    Do you have the lot number & expiration date on the batteries? Just for safety, those that have them can contact Duracell for possible replacement.


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    Sure did that now on two occasions. They were all in the date period. Then new batteries I received were no better than the first two units. And the issue occurred in more than one piece of equipment. And as I stated other than agreeing to send some new batteries there was not much personal customer service. I was not a customer with a serious problem with their product just another complaint!
    It was kind of like one time I went to a Subway Location and almost died as a result of food poisoning. I am not a law suit happy type of person. So I chose to handle it in person and politely as I could. They offered me some free meals at the same location! NOT! So probably will not be buying anymore Duracell since they have came close to trashing some expensive equipment more than on one occasion. Only my opinion just wanted to know if anyone else had recently experienced this problem.

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    Never had a problem like that with any batteries. I only buy Duracell or Energizer.
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    It seems like the premum from Energizer are better than the Duracells
    I switched from Duracells to the Energizer Lithium Ultimate (there is , lower, another "rank" of energizer Lithiums there, be sure ot look for "Ultimate" only)

    Advertised as holding power for 15 years.
    Duracell Lithium advertise 9 or 10 years.

    Made in USA BTW....