Duracell Batteries! BOOO!

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  1. Sniper03

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    Has anyone been experiencing the same thing I have over the past couple of years. It is amazing, in every incident it was a Duracell Battery.
    They have almost ruined a Night Vision Unit, A perimeter Alarm System, Flash Lights and now my Cobra Walkie Talkies. I am through with them almost trashing my equipment. I will not be using Duracell in the future. Are they being made in China or what? This only started in the last couple of years! I always thought they were top of the line but obviously from recent experiences they are "NOT!". I have contacted Duracell on more than one occasion. Sent them the manufacturing number and all. And also their attempt to blame the problems on other causes. Like were they all charged? Yes! they were brand New! Were they mixed with batteries that were already in the unit. Otherwise new and used batteries? "NO!" All were put in at the same time and all were brand new batteries out of the package. Has anyone else experienced issues with them?
    Here is a picture of a few of them removed from my WTs today. And these are not as bad as the ones in the NV Unit! By the way they have not been exposed to the elements. Mostly kept in the house!


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  2. winds-of-change

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    The only time I've had batteries do that is if I left them in some electronic item and didn't use that item for quite a while. I prefer Energizer batteries but I would buy Duracell if they were on sale for cheaper than the Energizers.

  3. DrumJunkie

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    I used ot like the Duracell best over anything but I started using Energizers a few years ago because they just seemed to last longer. Now when I went to using mostly rechargeable batteries the Duracell seemed to work about as well so I have both. I just always try to have at least one more set than things I use in them to always have a charged replacement. They pay themselves off pretty quick.

    I will sway the last battery that I had that spewed in something was a Duracell. But as Winds said it was in something that I had let sit a good while. So I'm not too willing to blame the battery maker just yet.
  4. locutus

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    I've used Duracell for many years without a single problem.
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    For things like my laser rangefinder, walkie talkies, cameras and so forth I went to lithium batteries, a bit more expensive than alkaline batteries but worth it. I keep Duracell Alkalines on hand for emergency usage or if one the family young kids needs a battery for a game or something. I did catch a set of Duracell batteries going bad before they had a chance to ruin my GPS unit, that when I switched to lithium batteries.
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  6. F4U

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    I think winds is right on this one, I have had several brands do that in things that have set too long. Last one was energizers ruining a good flashlight that I let set around too long. Now I change flashlight batteries when I do the smoke alarms. Flashlights always work when I need them now.