Duplicative Law Aims To Demonize Firearms In Washington Law!

Discussion in 'Washington Gun Forum' started by HighCaliber, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. HighCaliber

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    Senator Kline, who sponsored the semi-auto ban two years ago, is only interested in banning firearms and making life miserable for law-abiding gun owners.
    This new legislation is a knee-jerk response to the tragic shooting of an 8-year old girl by a 9-year old boy at a Bremerton school last week. Rather than go after firearms, Senator Kline might better spend his time going after people like the boy’s mother, whose lengthy criminal record included possession of meth, marijuana delivery and forgery. The boy found the gun, which allegedly belongs to the mother’s criminal boyfriend, during an unsupervised visit to her house. :mad:

  2. phildenton

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    yeah, and now, as expected, seattle's top kop is gonna try to use this latest tragedy to plunge the state backwards. among other laws he wants to change on the state level, is to eliminate state preemption. bastard wants to pull a nyc & chicago on us. seattle needs a new mayor too.