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Discussion in 'Blackpowder & Musket' started by AK_ID, Sep 8, 2010.

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    I recently sold an old repro 1851 to a neighbor, and he asked me yesterday if he could load it with bird shot for dove hunting. Other than the fact that the shot would probably foul up the rifling, I told him I'd worry about a wad getting knocked loose on the first shot, and setting off a chain-reaction firing of multiple cylinders. My advice to him was to only load one cylinder if that's how he wants to use the revolver.

    Has anyone ever tried such a thing? It's beyond what I've ever considered trying. If anyone has any advice, I'd like to be able to pass it along to the kid before he blinds himself. Maybe I'm just too safety conscious. I dunno.
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    Advice? Don't. First, it is illegal. Doves are a migratory bird, hunt is governed by Federal regulations, and you cannot use a rifle or pistol- even loaded with shot.

    Second, the effective range is about 25 FEET. I have a hard enuff time dove hunting with a 20 guage at 40 YARDS. Rifled barrels tend to impart spin to shot, and open the pattern like a doughnut.

    Yes, strong likelihood of a chain fire. Hell, it happens with ball loads at times.

    I think the boy may have been out in the sun too long.

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    That's pretty much what I tried to tell him, aside from the legal issues. Regarding being out in the sun too long, this is the Ozarks, and ...
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    He might have better luck shooting sitting doves. Out here tho people generally use a .410 or 20 ga. For myself, a light-weight Pedersoli 12 ga. double worked fine for small game.
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    I shot BP revolvers with shot loads years back. I had no problems other than the same as cartridges guns with the shot spreading fast. Shot loads in any handgun are about worthless in my humble opinion.
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    I've shot BP revolvers since the '60's and have occasionally used shot vs. ball in several of my revolvers. Using lead shot could foul the rifling if used often enough but probably no more than a regular lead ball, while steel shot will cause extra barrel wear over time. As for a chain reaction, it's no more likely to happen than with any other load so just use the normal safety precautions. As for how effective shot in a pistol really is, I've used it on rats, squirrels, the odd sitting crow over the years and as "snake" shot while walking in the woods. As has been mentioned already, shot is only effective out to maybe 50 feet. Also, it's not a very large load of shot to begin with so it's not that effective unless you're up close and personal. OTOH, it's a relatively good self-defense and a viable pest elimination option if your intended target is less than ten yards away (inside your home for example).
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    I suppose

    I suppose a guy could take the CCI reloading shot capsule head on the .45 they make and put that on top of a BP load and wad then the capsule and never have the shot ever touch the inside of his barrel .

    As noted , Dove are migratory birds , BUT , not everyone lives on land that is regulated by those laws , I/E: Indian Land , Gardens on private property where the Dove is eating your food stock therefore a pest , etc , etc, etc ......

    I doubt any load you could make would be effective though in a cap and ball revolver , cause you aint getting that close to a Dove to start with , LOL :D