Dumb News Angle on Guns

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by BigO01, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. BigO01

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    Watched what I considered the stupidest most pointless and misleading gun related news report last night .

    First I'll give a short background on the REAL story .

    We had the Chief of police and the now assistant Chief who was formally the acting Chief of police of a small township get into a physical fight at their station and one or more drew their weapon on the other a few weeks ago here in ST. Louis County .

    NO shots were fired and other police departments were actually called in on an "Officer in need of aid" call and the fight was broken up without any serious injury to anyone .

    Anyway I suppose out of desperation to create some news they rehashed the whole thing only this time a reporter was standing in a gun shop next to a sales counter with 2 pistols laying there .

    He explains how one of the two "Chiefs" was armed with a 9mm as he picks up a S&W and tells how many rounds it holds , he then lays it down and picks up a Sig 40 and starts a spiel about how it is much more powerful than the other gun because it holds more bullets and the ones it shoots travel 1/4 of a mile per second "I guess he has never heard of a little thing called gravity " .

    He makes it sound like the gun itself gives the bullet it's speed and power rather then the combination of the weight of the bullet and the powder charge and "at least in my opinion" is insinuating that the bullet is somehow always going to travel miles and miles and could perhaps hurt or kill someone .

    Just another piece to try to scare the public into thinking how guns are so dangerous I think .
  2. c3shooter

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    Add them to the reporters that were discussing VP Cheney's hunting aciddent- and "5mm birdshot" Hmmm- that's 20 caliber. Musta been for Big Bird! And Nancy Grace making the solemn pronunciation on air "That looks like a AK-47 to me! (Dear Nance- it's an AR-15- and you would not know a Kalashnikov if it bit ya on the butt!)

    You will also read news stories on the "Cache" of guns and ammo- 3 guns, 500 rounds of ammo- for God's sake- if I cleaned out the Jeep right now, there is more than that in the storage compartment!

    Stick around- you will hear mention of the semi-automatic machinegun, cop-killer bullets, Assault pistols, automatic revolvers, gun show loopholes, and sniper shotguns. Not to mention "snipper" rifles (used for circumcisions, maybe?)

    Now and again I will talk to a reporter, and suggest if they want to report, they find someone like president of the state rifle association to keep them from looking like idiot, BUT......

  3. opaww

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    Don't forget the .50 cal Barrett anti-aircraft gun
  4. Squirrel

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    The S&W .500 Magnum revolver is illegal in New Jersey. This is funny because I can't think of a worse murder weapon. It is extremly loud, extremly big, makes a massive flash, and since gas leaks out of the space between the the cylinder and the barrel AND the bullet is supersonic you can't even make a very effective silencer. Also it only has five shots. In addition since it is a pistol is cannot be used at long range like a hunting rifle can. It should be the most legal gun in America.
  5. ScottG

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    Tsk, tsk Opaww. How many times must we remind you that the Barrett is for random street crime.... ;)
  6. bkt

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    The frickin' chief of police and assistant chief drew down on one another? WTF?

    Guns aren't the problem. Morons are the problem. Holy crap! :eek:
  7. Slickrick214

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    First the police chief and his assistant are morons and should be added to the ever growing list of retarted people who shouldn't handle guns. Its hard to believe these two idiots are actually in charge of people and are suppose to protect and serve the people of thier town.

    As for the news reporters once again it shows the liberal media stations have no idea what they're talking about when it comes to guns. Of course thats ok for them because most people believe whatever they say. If the media says that one evil gun is more powerful then another gun because it holds more bullets most people are probably stupid enough to believe it. Of course these same morons are the ones that are going to try to vote in Obama which goes to show the stupidity of the people in this country.
  8. opaww

    opaww New Member

    I forgot that is used in drive by's