Duke the Dog, That white stuff.

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    Duke the Dog # 28
    That white stuff again

    Well here it comes again. That white stuff. I remember when I was a little puppy and I had just come to my new home. We had some of that white stuff that falls out of he sky and sticks to the ground. It was cold and wet and my little paws hurt. Well here we are again. But now I am a teenager (2 yrs. times 7 = 14 yrs old dog time) and I am bigger and can enjoy that white stuff. My two masters, Trent and Sarge went out in that white stuff and used those sticks with metal things on the end of them. They huffed and puffed and moved all that white stuff off the drive way. (what do you mean huffed and puffed, Duke, next time it snows I am going to get you a little shovel and you can see how heavy snow is) Me I was having fun, I jumped up and down in the white stuff and sometimes it was deeper than me, and I had to swim through it. I made paths all around the back yard and to every tree (that was so he could chase squirrels up the tree's not for what you were thinking about) My master made me some paths where the white stuff was too deep for me. And he cleaned off the cars and piled all that white stuff up on one side of the driveway. I soon figured out that I could walk up that big pile of white stuff and see a long way, all over our neighborhood. And I also found out that I could jump over the fence between our house and our neighbor's house. Weee this was fun. But my master found me in our neighbors yard and he sent man human Trent over to carry me back. Then he shoveled the white stuff away from the fence so I couldn't climb over the fence any more. So much for that. But now more white stuff is coming down and I can hardly wait for it to pile up so we can go out and move it around some more. ( one more remark out of you about how much fun it is with snow and I will get you that snow shovel I promised Duke.) Right now I am inside playing with my new toys I got for Christmas. My master Sarge read out of a book and it told all of us about how the first Christmas was and about a little baby.

    Then we got to tear the paper off our toys. Everyone was very happy and so was I. This is my first year with my new family and I am one lucky little dog.
    Thank you for reading my stories
    Duke the dog
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    Snow Duke

    sarge_257: Sir, I can visualize 'Duke' enjoying the snow prancing:)