Duke the Dog gets shot

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    Duke the Dog # 30

    Things have not gone very well today. First we keep having all that white stuff coming down and making it cold. Then my master and I can not go for a walk and I am really getting dog house fever. But today my woman human mistress came to me with my harness and leash. "OH BOY" I thought, "she is going to take me for a walk." But instead she got me into her moving house and we went for a drive. Then she stopped at this little house and we went inside. I could hear other dogs and some animals in the backroom. Some barking and some mewwing. Then this woman human came out and talked to my mistress and she grabbed me up and took me to another room. The next thing I knew she and another woman human were holding me tight on a table. ( I knew something was wrong cause dogs are not suppose to be on tables. I remember when I got my masters food off his plate and he was very angry with me.) So I tried to get off the table but they held me down and the next thing that happen was one of the woman humans bit me. Yes she did. Right on my rear. IT HURT! I struggled and tried to bite her back but the other woman human put a harness on my head that kept my mouth shut. And then they kept bitting me. two times in the rear and two times in the shoulders. And then one of them put something in my mouth and shoved a rock down my throat. I was scared! I never had humans do things like this before. I tried to bark and tell my mistress that these crazy women were hurting me but that harness on my mouth wouldn't let me. Soon they put me in a cage. I do not like cages. I could not get out so I just lay there. But very quickly my mistress came and rescued me. She opened the cage and took off the harness. And then she carried me out of that room with the table. She went out to another room and gave that crazy biting woman some green papers and then the woman gave her a new tag for my collar. Then my mistress took me out to her moving house and we left that bad house behind us. I was sore and I crawled up to my mistress's leg. She pulled me over on her lap and petted me. Soon I could smell my neighborhood (we dogs have a good sense of smell) and I looked out the window and we were coming down the driveway in front of our house. I was so glad!!!. She carried me into our house and told my manhuman master Sarge that I had been shot. That is funny I didn't hear any noise like my master does with his noise sticks. But my bottom hurt so maybe I did get 'shot'. My master held me on his lap and he petted me and then he went "tish tish" on the top of my head like he does with my mistress when they are sitting on the long chair in the front room. Except he"tish tishes" her lips. I was tired after all that so my master laid me down on my bed and I fell asleep, glad to be home and safe from those biting women humans.
    I hope any Dog that is reading this keeps a look out for those biting women and runs when you see one of them. They wear green clothes and show their teeth a lot. And the small house smells funny. My mistress called them "Vets"

    Thank you for reading my stories.

    Duke the Dog
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    ''Duke'' the dog:) Sir; you explained it very well. Sometimes it is a mystery; what all them ''green frock'' women do, to cause hurt; while smiling. :)