DSA FAL & Savage vs LaRue OBR?

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    My wife and I are in the market to buy some guns in order to defend our future Permaculture homestead out in the country. (However, we currently live in the city.) While we've already made our various handgun and shot gun selections, we now have to decide on a Battle Rifle for SHTF.

    So, should we get one powerful Battle Rifle that'd be good at rapid fire (DSA FAL, or FN SCAR H17, or Springfield M1A, or PTR91) and
    one highly accurate hunting rifle that be good for long range (Savage?),


    just get one super accurate, "battle" rifle and be done with it (LaRue OBR 7.62, or FNH FNAR, or Armalite AR104).

    The former option would at least give us two guns, instead of one.

    Regardless, we want good quality - something very reliable and durable, because we're relatively new to the world of guns. Also, I'm 5'6", but very strong, so please consider my size.

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    Since you said you want a firearm for a crud-hits-the-fan type situation, reliabilty is key.

    You want a weapon that will work regardless of the ammo you feed it, if you've dropped it in the mud, or if it hasn't been maintanced in a while (after all, being chased by zombies isn't the best time to be cleaning your rifle :D).

    The first three you listed are your best bets in my opinion. I say stay away from the PTR-91. Since JDL recently started putting Thompson Center barrels in their weapons, they've been more sensitve to the ammunition they eat.

    Just my two cents. Hope you find the weapon that fits your needs :)

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    If you are strong and like a heavier weapon any of the good quality rifles would do well. But keep in mind humping with one they get Da- heavy fast with a full Mag. As far as DSA they make a nice FN Style Rifle and certainly less weight than the M1-A, The Rock River LAR8 which is one of my favorites and the Original FN-LAR NM Rifle I have is like the DSA Rifle. But for your wife, I would highly recommend going with a good Quality AR-15. 223/5.56. Ammunition is easy to get and the weapon loaded is not near as heavy or bulky as the 308s. And if you have to carry extra ammunition it too is lighter. For the money and quality, I would say the DSA FN, Rock River LAR8 or the Springfield M1-A Standard or National Match. Keep in mind any of the 308s are heavy after a period of time and a little slower on manipulation than the AR 15s. I know I am telling my age, but I humped and M-14 (Like the M1-A Springfield) in the Army back in the 60s.
    Good luck in your selection.

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    For consistency, consider getting two of the same rifle. It will require a smaller spare parts kit and will allow for magazine compatibility.

    I have owned and/or used every MBR you have named, or could name. Many are excellent and would serve you well. But I have now settled on the M14 platform as my .30 cal "go to" rifle.

    For a general, all around use rifle it will be hard to beat a "Bush" length M14 or M1A. Springfield Armory Inc. (SAI) makes great rifles with lifetime warranties, but they are essentially out of USGI parts and are now using commercially made parts that are not as "good" as the USGI. That means you may need to use the warranty at some point, which could be problematic.

    If I was doing what you have described, I would be ordering two 18.5" M14's or M25's from LRB Arms. They would have standard weight, chrome lined Criterion Barrels with a 1/11 twist, and be in USGI synthetic stocks. However, you may like the VLTOR stocks as they adjust for length of pull quite easily. If you want to mount scopes, get the M25's. These rifles should have Superior Shooting Systems chrome silicon springs, and good trigger jobs. Smith Enterprise muzzle breaks, or JP Enterprises muzzle breaks will help with control-ability, but the Smith Ent Vortex flash hider will eliminate flash signature.

    Then buy yourselves about 30+ Check Mate Industries (CMI) 20rd mags from Mark at 44Mag.com.

    The M14 is 100% reliable, built to last several lifetimes, and more accurate than most people can shoot. It has the best sights ever used on a service rifle, along with an excellent trigger. With the exception of fitting a new bolt, they are so easy to work on that a trained monkey can keep one running.

    If you decide to go with a FAL type rifle, get them from DSA. They make great stuff.

    Good luck in your quest. And, Welcome Aboard.
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    For SHTF, would you rather own an Uzi or M11, or a FAL or SCAR H? (Of course, "machine guns" are very expensive and involve Class 3 paperwork, etc)

    What do you guys think of the PS90?
    (While the quality seems cheap to me for the high price, it has caught my eye.)
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    SHTF requires reliability, ease of use, ease of maintenance etc...
    Whichever rifle you do get, spend the money to get to a range and get to know your rifle....BEFORE you start putting lots of mods on it. Use the iron sights, get to know the rifle. If you are going to reload for it (and assume all of the risks with that) its a good idea to find out what bullets work in the rifle for accuracy. Good luck with your purchase, IMHO I would rather have 2 lesser expensive rifles than 1 that is really expensive.
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    As with most questions, you are the only one who can answer this objectively since we don't know your entire situation.

    Say your budget is around $2,000 inclusive of (some) ammo, mags and accs.

    - You can get a super nice tacticool semi auto rifle, or
    - get two cheaper (but reliable) semi auto rifles, or
    - get a .308 hunting rifle, .308 Saiga, pistol, and a shotgun.

    Third option may not get you the "best" guns but definitely my choice over option one. JMHO

    Answer this question today. For the same price, which would you buy, a pound of fillet Mignon steak you will really savor or 5 pounds of tough steak?

    Now ask yourself the same question during a SHTF situation where there is no food. Is your answer any different?

    There should be a shift between enjoyment to necessity/nourishment during SHTF and I suggest you base your decision on what you really are preparing for. Of course if you can afford 5 lbs of fillet Mignon instead...by all means, go for it!!! :D
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