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Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by Gatekeeper, Jun 24, 2011.

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    Here's a link to Matt Burkett's dry fire tools page I've been using to help my dry-fire practice sessions-----> Dry Fire Drills

    There are a couple of really good animated programs there to assist with dry fire practice. As always, practice safety first. Clear your firearm and mags, remove ALL ammunition from the room, re-clear your firearm again.
    Okay..... anyway

    The first is "Dot Transitions Drill" Dots appear briefly then re-appear at random points on the screen. Helps with increasing eye speed and getting faster sight acquisition and sight alignment.

    The second one "Draw at the Beep" is probably my favorite tool. You can change the target size and style(IPSC and IDPA silhouette's and IPSC "turtles" [​IMG] ) and add and move around a no-shoot target if you wish from the options. You can set the par time to whatever time you would like, then it will run in a loop with a variable 1-4 second start beep(to help keep you from cheating the start) followed by a finish beep at wherever you set the par time. I don't have a shot timer yet, so I find this tool very handy for not just draw drills, but reload drills, and things like draw-shoot-reload-shoot, turn-draw-shoot, etc,etc.
    I use the par time to keep track of my progress and to push myself to get smoother and faster.

    The third drill is "Variable Speed Swinger" will help with practice for those pesky uspsa swinging targets, and is also a good tool for acquiring a good flash sight picture, target tracking and trigger control. Really gives the eyes a workout. You can adjust the swinger speed and drag the baricade around to block part of the swing if you wish.

    The last one "Target Tracking Drill" is pretty simple, just gives a target to track from side to side.

    I find them pretty useful so I thought I'd post it up in case anyone one else was interested.

    Didn't know if I should put this here or in Training section, but since I use it for competition practice, I put it here:p
    Mods feel free to move if appropriate
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    You got a "Thumbs Up!" on this from me.

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    thats a sweet set of tools !! even if you dont have access to such matches like i dont :(
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    I find that very useful, good find!
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    I know what I'm doing this evening!


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    Nice find Gate. TU :D

    HOOAH! :cool: